5 Waterproof Mascaras That You Can Try This Season


5 Waterproof Mascaras That You Can Try This Season

Mascara, the one magic product that can change your whole look. There are days, when I just put on mascara and a simple lip gloss and yet people ask me what is making me look so special. When selecting mascara, I look for the blackest black available; it just pops up eyes in no time. Mascara makes all the difference.

So, you are going somewhere decked from head to toe in your favorite dress and with perfect makeup and long batting eyelashes to conquer the world. Suddenly drops of rain land softly on your face, forehead and before you could manage to wipe them off; they tickle down to your eyes and spoil all your efforts. Your mascara is now all over your face. This can be a very usual situation during the monsoons. And thus you need waterproof makeup.

So today we will be discussing about 5 waterproof mascaras that you can try this season.

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Waterproof Mascara

Maybelline Hypercurl Volume Express Mascara Review

Ultra waterproof formula, long-lasting wear, thickens lashes, adds definition to eyelashes, holds curls up to 6 hours, does not flake or smear, does not sting eyes. Does not clump, adds volume to the lashes, opens up eyes, fine bristles that cover each and every lash. It is reasonable. Good thing about the mascara is the consistency which is not very thick or thin and the shade is jet black which suits most Indian eyelash colour. The wand of the mascara is pretty nice as it does its jobs of curling effectively without clumping the mascara and separate each eye lash.

Faces Ultime Pro Gel Waterproof Mascara

Faces Ultime Pro Gel Waterproof Mascara Review+top mascara

The color of the mascara is absolutely black, and it takes no time in drying out. I generally work with one eye before moving on to the other, and mostly apply only one coat, as this mascara just does not need more than that. It gives lashes a lot of volume and added definition. Well pigmented and I am impressed by the lasting power. Poorna said that it lasted on her for about 14 hours without a single issue. So I guess Faces have come up with a winner here.

MUA Waterproof Mascara Black

MUA Waterproof Mascara Black

MUA Mascara is a circular long tube. The typical style with a twist opening cap. The cap has a long stick with applicator at the end. The mascara is rich black. It does not give the extra dramatic look to the lashes. It just makes the lashes to poke outside and stand stiff in neat groups. The neatness does not go at all. And waterproof, it is very much waterproof. You cannot just wash it off with water. Needs extra effort. So, this is the right one for beginners with mascara. Stays well, works well, does not get clumped on the lashes, easy to use, everything well and good.

Coloressence Waterproof All-Day-Wear Mascara


This unique mascara makes your eyes seductive, smoldering & breath taking. Thicken your lashes, for a dark yet natural look by adding volume and fullness to the eyelashes. The water proof and quick dry formula provides you with a long lasting effect. Ideal for sensitive eyes, this mascara delivers silky, lush color while strengthening and protecting lashes. The specially designed brush enables a smooth, smudge proof and effective application without being harsh to your eyes.

Oriflame Wonder Lash Waterproof Mascara

Oriflame Wonder Lash Waterproof Mascara +best volumenizing mascara+oriflame mascara review

This mascara separate each eye lashes from the other and does not clumps at all. This doesn’t add volume but lengthens as well as curl eye lashes very well. It makes your eyes look big and beautiful even if you don’t have thick lashes. This mascara is fit for everyday wear. Its absolutely waterproof and stays for as long as I don’t remove it with my make up remover.

Which mascara are you planning to try in this season?

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  1. Maybelline’s one seems to be loved by every one here. I am also not out of the crowd. Although I would like to try the Coloressence Mascara.

    • Maybelline has been cult favourite of many and since many years but there comes a time when you are like comeon! i cant use this whole my life 😀


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