5 Ways to Get Brighter and Glowing Skin


5 ways to get brighter and glowing skin


Beautiful and healthy skin is the most cherished dream of men & women of this generation. Owing to the lifestyle changes and increasing pollution, it has become a major concern for people to keep their skin glowing and prevent the pollutants from damaging the flawlessness of the skin.

A perfect and clear skin can be achieved in many ways and this post emphasizes on the basic things to follow in order to have a face and body free from any type of skin imperfections. I have summed up this post in five major points which will explain the essential things for getting a bright & glowing skin. Let’s have a look at them separately-

Watch what you eat

We have always heard that eating is necessary in order to sustain ourselves but at the same time eating the right thing is also essential for a sound body and health which in turn affects the health of the skin. So, eating unhealthy and junk food items, which feast your taste buds, will not only create normal metabolic problems but will hamper the beauty of the skin. For having a clear and glowing skin it is necessary to include fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, fresh juices, soups and a lot of water to maintain the level of hydration in the body. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamins & minerals and consuming these foods will eventually help in the proper nourishment of the skin.


watch what you eat


Avoiding spicy, oily and canned food is also important for taking proper care of the skin. Include fluids extensively in your meals to ensure an enduring brighter and glowing complexion.

Relaxation for the added Glow!

The 21st century marked the beginning of various innovations and developments which compelled people to work harder to strive for success and amidst all that, people simply forgot to have some mental and physical peace. A tired body and mind cannot feel refreshed or glow in any way until it gets the fatigue replenished fully. For this purpose, the relaxation techniques like Yoga, Pranayaam, Meditation or simple physical exercises are employed to make some time for self-rejuvenation and de-stressing the mental state.


Pranayama & Meditation for skin glow


Breathing exercises like Pranayaam tend to effect the blood circulation which instantly helps in achieving the glow on the face. Apart from relaxation, these activities release certain hormones which flush out in the whole body through the blood stream and add up the glowing factor of the skin.


Yoga for glowing skin


Targeted Glowing Methods

There are a number of methods which have been popularly followed by people to achieve a glowing and brighter skin. Some of them are summed up as below-


Lemon fun targeted-glowing-methods


  • Regular cleansing toning & moisturizing of the skin is the key to a glowing face and this simple step is the foundation of achieving the glow on the skin.
  • Exfoliating the skin twice in a week tends to remove the damaged cells and the excess of impurities present on the surface of the skin which doesn’t come out in normal cleansing process.
  • Pampering the skin with masks & facials, with the help of natural herbs and other kitchen supplies, will surely work in giving you the desired glow on the face.
  • There are many things from the kitchen like honey, milk, lemon, turmeric, yoghurt, gram flour etc. which can easily help you in getting the bright complexion and glow.

Using Topical Treatments

The use of high end serums & emulsions also affects the glow of the skin and you have a brighter looking skin by spending some amount of fortune at your convenience…! Applying a good cleanser & toner for the basic CTM routine makes things quite easy. A moisturizer or serum which is suited to your skin will make the skin smooth & shiny in a few weeks itself.

The use of a good quality sunscreen with a higher SPF count will not only protect the skin from causing any imperfections but also act as a nourishing cream to treat the problems caused by the harmful ray s of the sun.


using topical treatments


Using a night cream is the most important step for having the required glow on the face as the skin replenishes the lost moisture content throughout the night so a protecting & nourishing cream will be the best for the skin.

Become a sleeping Beauty for the Glow!

Apart from all the above things, a good night’s sleep is a must for making the best utilization of the methods described above for having a bright and glowing skin. If you religiously follow all the steps and just miss this step, all your efforts can really go down the drain. As already mentioned, that rest is very important for the skin as during our dormant sleeping state the self replenishing mechanism of the body is at work and it makes sure to regain the lost hydration and moisture so that the skin is properly nourished and you wake up to a refreshed body and mind and a visible brighter and glowing skin.


Become a sleeping Beauty for the Glow!


What is your routine to get brighter and glowing skin?

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