5 Ways To Earn From Blogging And Youtube


Holla new bloggers and youtubers!

Are you thinking of opening a new blog and worrying about the income factors? Do you really have this worry on how to earn from a blog and youtube? Well, then my love, you are on the right page. This post is all about Earning and different ways to earn from a blog and youtube! This will be a detailed post and I will tell you 5 ways to do it. So let’s begin.

But first let’s clear some doubts:

how to make money on youtube


Firstly, like all other professions, this one is really tough so you need to work your brains out while you are doing it. Do it if you love to do it and be successful.

Secondly, you should have the passion for doing better each day. You are your own competitor and so put yourself up, not other’s down!

Thirdly, these processes will only work when you will have a good content and a good audience level. So set your Analytics right!

Fourthly, this platform is one of the best ways to earn from home and so it is an added advantage. You can take care of your family and house and work at the same time!

money plant

So let’s begin!


google adsense

make money with adsense


Adsense is one of the primary ways to earn money in blogging. Though it may take time and patience to earn from Adsense, yet it can give a considerable amount of money. Adsense totally depends on the SEO or Search Engine Optimisation done and if you have your SEO right, this can give serious income to you and your blog!


 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates are websites that give you a percentage of money when their products are sold by your link. Okay! Let’s elaborate this. Suppose you write a review for a foundation and say you can buy this foundation from XYZ site and provide a link for it. And if, one of your readers who is interested in buying the foundation clicks on the link and buys it, then that XYZ website will give you a percentage of commission for it. You can get a pretty good amount of money from this way which can look after many of your expenses. We at Wiseshe are affiliated with Amazon and Flipkart.

Paid Advertising:

paid advertising

This is another way to gather some moolah! There are various websites in the market that pay you for doing their product reviews. If you have a big chunk of followers on your blog or Youtube, many companies will approach you for their product reviews and you can get a considerable amount from it. This happens on blogs, Youtube and even Instagram as well. So make sure you are followed by a huge number of people!

CPM Advertising:


Many companies are into CPM Advertising which is another source of income for bloggers and youtubers. Many companies give a banner space or a video to a particular youtube video or a blog and your income depends on the number of views generated. This is a very nice option that can give a good chunk of money and it can give you some good earning if you explore it!



Brand Collaborations:

brand collaboration


Brand Collaboration is a way in which you can also earn a big chunk of money. But for this, you will have to get a huge amount of followers and that is the reason why I have mentioned it at last. You can approach different brands like Loreal and Lakme and mail them about your blog. It might happen that they don’t reply you back if they don’t find your work of top notch but try again! Tries and retries make it a perfect match!


make money


So these are the techniques. Hope you have found them useful!

Check out the video here:



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