5 Ways To Get Long Lasting Curls


5 Ways To Get Long Lasting Curls


Getting curls is quite easy but holding them is not. Whichever method you try like curling rods, hot rollers, Velcro rollers, braids or sock bun etc., it is very difficult to make the curls last even a full day. Here are some tips that can help you in making your curls last long.


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Begin Dirty

Don’t race your mind now! All I want to say is that if you are using curling irons then do not curl freshly washed hair. It is always good to curl your hair at least one day after wash. To remove the grease, try using a dry shampoo or baby powder only on roots.

If you are using rollers then damp hair will hold curls well so here you can start with washed hair.

Say no to smoothness

Do not use heavy conditioning products prior to curling. These products make hair too heavy to hold curls.

Add Texture

Use texturizing products on hair. You can also try curl creams or serums. If you are using heat-treatment to curl your hair also apply a heat-protecting serum.




Curl with the right tools

It is important to choose the right size of the curling tool. The straighter your hair, the smaller should be the size of the barrel. Even if you want beach-y curls, try not to start with loose curls. Make tight curls as they will lose a little in due course of time. Use good quality rollers or ceramic rods to curl hair.


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After removing the curlers, don’t comb your hair but just run your fingers through them to smooth them down.

No touching

Once you are done curling, spray your hair with a mega hold hairspray. Don’t go overboard with it to avoid stiff hairs. Firstly spray, each section immediately after removing each roller or iron one by one and afterwards spray all your hair.

However tempted you are to copy your favourite celebrity :-P, DO NOT touch your hair unnecessarily.

A great tip is to braid your hair before you go to sleep. Next day you will wake up with some waves that will help in curling your tresses.

Before you get down to the curling business, remember to take good care of your hair at all times.

Do you like curls in your hair?

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