5 Ways To Get Thick Eye Lashes



5 Ways To Get Thick Eye Lashes

Lovely thick eye lashes are every girl’s utmost desire and it is not anything which cannot be achieved even if you are not blessed with them naturally.

It is an old phrase that “Eyes are the Windows of the Soul ” and in such a case eye lashes play the role of a curtain of those windows. The longer and thicker the eye lashes, the prettier they look.

Our Madhubani has got the prettiest eye lashes here on wiseshe, but she does not take them for granted and she really cares for them too.

Thick- long eye lashes can be created with tones of mascara and falsies but they all are temporary and damaging too over the long run. So why not resort to some easy natural ways to make your eye lashes grow longer and thicker.


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Yes you read it right, eye lashes can be made thicker and longer with some natural ways. Here are a few of such natural ways:


We comb our hair, don’t we? Then why don’t brush our lashes too?

Brushing hair keeps it healthy because this process helps distribute natural oils to the tresses and similarly brushing eye lashes with an eyelash brush distributes the natural oils along the lashes and help them grow healthier.


Your body reflects what you eat and not just reflect, it reacts to everything that you eat.
Watch your diet! Ensure that you take a proper healthy diet, a protein rich diet is crucial for thicker – longer eye lashes.


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Vitamin E and Castor Oil

Vitamin E is essential for your healthy hair growth and is also works amazingly well for eye lashes too.

Invest in a good vitamin e lotion or get a pure vitamin e oil. Vitamin E oil pushes the eyelashes to grow to its max and also maintains them healthier.

You can also try some castor oil. Apply castor oil on your lashes and welcome the thicker eye lashes. Apply either of the oils regularly every night. You can also try mixing these oils together.


Massaging is very important. Just as a body massage or scalp massage improves the overall health, a little massage along the lash lines too aids in stimulating blood flow and increasing lash growth.

With your fingertips massage, preferably with ring finger, massage along the upper and lower lash lines in back and forth gentle circular movements.





Moisturizing eye lashes helps to protect them and also boost their growth and health. You can use extra virgin olive oil for this purpose.

Using petroleum jelly is also a reliable source of moisturization and enhancing eye lashes’ health. Follow this regularly and see your lashes grow longer and thicker.

Follow these tips and see your eye lashes become more and more beautiful with each day that passes by. Just a five minute daily care is all that your lashes demand for. I hope you like the tips and you will follow them for healthier lashes.

How do you care for your eye lashes?

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  1. Thanks for the mention Ritika… :*

    and yes, i do care for them…not something huge, but a daily dose of castor oil/Vaseline works for me..


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