5 Ways To Handle Curly Hair



5 Ways To Handle Curly Hair


It has been a war since decades of decades on what hair type is the best, curly or straight. And the war is never ending, women blessed with straight hair desire curly hair and women blessed with curly hair fascinate for straight hair, and spends a huge amount of money for meeting these desires.

I have curly hair and I know how hard it is to manage curly hair. I cannot ever leave my home just after a hair wash unlike women blessed with straight hair. Getting hairstyles is always been a task for me.

Remember ‘Hagrid’ from Harry Potter, I literally relate my hair type to that character, but it is all been a story of past for me now, and over a year or so of hardcore hair care regime I see my crunchy, dry curly hair transformed to a better state. I rarely use hair dryer or straightener, I use straightener may be just twice a year. Not much of chemical laden hair styling.


best hairstyles for curly hair


Okay .. do not get me wrong and assume me like a nerdy girl who does not style hair, it is just that I have discovered my ways of managing my curly hair and love them the way they are.

I have seen people preaching about safe hair styling tips for curly hair and blah blah blah…. Oh come on any styling tool or chemical sprays cannot give zero quotient of damage

Today I shall in this article discuss five ways to handle and tame curly hair, that I personally follow and know that this makes a hell lot of difference to untamed, dry, frizzy curly hair.


While washing your hair, do the regular lather up of shampoo and rinsing, but do not in any way skip the conditioner. Curly hair needs lot of moisturizing, since curly hair have a tendency of getting ripped of moisture easily. Make sure to leave conditioner at least for 4-5 minutes before rinsing off and works the conditioner only through the strands not on your hair roots.

Just in case you find it hard to give a good five minute for conditioner while in the shower, organize your time in shower and you will not even realized that you have given five minutes.

Wash your hair with shampoo first, apply conditioner and then work with your body like, body scrubbing, feet filing or any other in shower stuff.

Do not wash your hair more than three times a week until and unless there is an emergency. I always pre poo my hair before washing them, like applying oil or hair masks. And also use hair shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type and be brand loyal.


Till the time you have got an emergency to rush somewhere, do not blow dry your hair and let your hair air dry.

Do not ever rub your towel against hair in a harsh motion to get the excess water out, this will damage your hair. Instead you can gently squeeze out excess water from your hair and the rest water can be taken out by gently pressing your hair between the towel, and let your hair air dry.


Here comes the major part that dedicates for healthy curly hair. Go for regular hair spas and if you cannot go for regular hair spas, not a big deal, I too do not get much time to go for hair spas. You can compensate for salon hair spas, by regular hair care regime at home.

Pamper your hair with fruit homemade hair masks, hot oil treatments, warm towel treatments etc.


A mere blow drying even on an alternate day basis, or a thrice a month heat styling despite of use of heat protect ant may gift you with split ends, which is not a desired present at all.

Regular trimming sessions may help you get rid of dry, damaged hair ends. And also when you are getting a haircut, hair dressers have a habit of wetting the hair before cutting them, and this may lead to an uneven cut, since curly hair are different when they are dry and when they are wet. I personally do not ever opt for straight or “U” cuts instead deep “U”s or “V”s work the best for me, additional layer cuts is a cherry on cake for me.


Styling never mean only heat styling, it is just referred to styling your hair and make them look pretty.

Never forget the serum that prevents frizz, these may cost much, but investing in a good frizz taming serum is going to be a good investment which you will never repent, and wide tooth comb works best for curly hair.

If you are someone who cannot in any way avoid heat styling, always ensure that your hair are well moisturized before any heat styling, opt for a moisturizing pre styling spray.

My Hair Care Regime

  • I never wash my hair without any pre- poo(prepare my hair for hair wash), of course there are few days as exception.
  • Wash my hair twice – thrice a week.
  • Hot oil massage once a week, two hours before washing my hair and sometimes leave oil overnight.
  • Curd or any other homemade hair mask once a week.
  • Always air dry my hair.
  • Hair Serums.
  • Trimming sessions every two –three months, as required.
  • I have indeed replaced conditioner with a spa hair cream and leave it on hair for ten –fifteen minutes after hair wash when I have not used any other hair mask, and when I have used a hair mask I use the spa hair cream just like conditioner and leave it on hair for 3-4 minutes.

So ladies these were tips that I religiously follow and would always suggest. Only these tips have brought my hair to a state that I can now dare to leave my hair open and flaunt them.

I hope you people like reading this article.

Do you have curly hair? How do you handle curly hair?

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  1. Very helpful post….i luv my curls bt honestly cant manage themm….they tend to luk too shabby..so i get them smoothened once a year…it retains sm of the wave and hair is super tame..

    • Am really scared of any chemical treatment, after a terrible Rebounding experience, had a terrible hairfall then, almost lost half of my hair 🙁


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