5 Ways To Have Baby After 40


By Prerana Sharma,

Five ways to have babies after 40

We girls are much more advanced and independent than what women were a 50 years back. Today’s women are more career oriented and thinks of getting married at an average age of 28-30yrs. Few women like our bollywood divas and power women in corporate world may even make it a little late at the age of 35. sometimes this costs us in bearing babies coz we have a fertility cycle till a certain age. As girls age, their eggs become more matured and difficult to be fertilized by sperms (the egg has a outer cover which gets thickened as we age). But who doesn’t want a baby? sooner or later the need to have a baby always arise:)

But when it is late then what should those women do ? I have some tips to share which I read in a maagazine and researched on internet.

1. Conceive Naturally –

According to Gynecologist after 39 chances of childbirth without complication is 5%. Miscarriages and retarded featal growth is very high, so it is very imp to take proper care of women’s health with strict dosage of all nutrients.

2. Women with high BP

High BP can be life threatening for women during child birth. Loss of blood happens during caesarian operation and with high BP amount of blood lose from body can’t be controlled, so women should take proper medication.

3. In-Vitro Fertilization

You must have heard this term a lot of time, it is specially done in case of infertile couple. Sometimes fallopian tubes are blocked and sometimes sperm quality deteriorates after 40. When natural conception is not successful then IVF is done, ie.., fertilization outside woman body. In this process ovulation is hormonally controlled, releases egg is taken out from woman’s ovaries, it is then fertilized by her partner’s sperm in laboratory and once the embryo is successfully formed, it is implanted in woman’s uterus. Success rate is 30-40% in IVF coz in artificial medium many a times embryo doesn’t survive.

It may cost somewhere between 50,000-1.4lakhs and take 2-3 months for whole process.

4. Egg Donation

What if a women want a baby after menopause? In modern lifestyle woman can attain menopause as early as in 39-41yrs. The solution is egg donation by an unknown donor or taking help of relatives. Many tests like checking blood group etc.. are carried out by Doc before proceeding. It has success rate of 40-50% and costs upto 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs.

5. Surrogate Mothers

What if a woman’s uterus is having some medical complication and she can’t bear child for it? IVF is done and instead of implanting it in her’s uterus, the embryo is implanted in the surrogate woman’s uterus. (u must have seen movie ‘chori chori chupke chupke’ in which preety zinta did a role of surrogate mom to rani’s child)

Our Farah Khan, Hollywood’s Madonna, pop star Celion Dion all became mother after 40yrs of age. It is not unusual that women are becoming mom after. It is better to keep it natural as much as possible, otherwise medical science is always present as a backup!!

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