5 ways to lose cheek fat

 By Gunjan, 
Fat cheeks– Are you in one of those who have bloated cheeks and are pretty conscious about them.Its only babies who look cute with their chipmunk look .Grown up with fat cheeks look anything but adorable.

Below are few easy exercises for Chubby cheeks which  can tone them down and help in  lose face fat.

1.Eating chew gum is the simplest method to reduce your face fat.This is something which we all have done in our school days and I am sure some of you were thrown out from your class because of this.
Atleast I was thrown out .. So to get those lean cheeks back it will do no harm to cultivate the habit back.
 2.Jaw dropper – You must have heard of this exercise number of times.All you do is sit up straight and drop your jaw.Stretch the jaw as far as possible .You will hear popping noise some time but don’t worry that is normal.So drop your jaw and pull it back again .Repeat this process for about 20 -30 times every day for a month.I generally do this exercise while watching TV or driving. It has not developed into a habit though many times people give me strange look when I practice in the middle of the road.
3.Give a large wide smile to every one.This too reduces fats from your face and of course help you in making lot of friends as well.
 4. Baboon face For this just fill your mouth with air and move all the air around the mouth.Start from the left to the right and feel the stretch.Do this 15 times and make sure your teeth are clenched while doing this.
5. Well if you are fond  of kissing the do it with more passion next time because this pleasurable activity too helps in reducing face fat too.
6.If you are into yoga then you can try facial yoga too.For this place your index finger on top part of your cheeks and stretch it up and down.These are basically your facial push up .
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  1. People with round face should not confuse full cheeks with fat in the cheeks. But, these exercises are quite useful in making cheeks leaner. Btw, sipping drinks with straw also helps in getting leaner and hollow cheeks. Someone might wanna try that.
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