5 Ways To Maintain Hygiene During Pregnancy


5 Ways To Maintain Hygiene During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time isn’t it? For the most part, you get so much positive attention, can do anything you wish, eat to your hearts content, etc…But one area which needs special attention from our end is hygiene..Yep, you read right..Good hygiene plays a big part in a safe pregnancy. During the fag end of my pregnancy (8th month), I had UTI which was really uncomfortable. The reason I realised later was that my tummy was a huge barrier in maintaining hygiene and plus I was too lazy to buy a Lactacyd wash (those who’ve gone thru the lethargy during the end of their preg would know what I mean here); and now I feel had I just been more diligent about it I’d have avoided it fully..

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So today I’ll be writing a bit about hygiene to be maintained during pregnancy..

1. Dental Care: I recall reading somewhere that more serious dental issues cannot be addressed during pregnancy. Plus during pregnancy, bleeding gums, gingivitis and such dental diseases could affect the fetus and cause complications like premature birth or infection of the amniotic or even lead to a miscarriage. So if you’re planning a baby, do visit the Dentist in advance and if you’re already pregnant, then do visit the dentist in your 1st trimester itself.. Cavities can be addressed between the 14th and 20th weeks of your pregnancy and regular brushing and flossing can keep any dental issue at bay. Dr. Shilpa may also be able to help shed more light on this…

2. Breast care: Most of us would face issues like itchy breasts during pregnancy. I know I did and it was horrid! No matter what material I wore, I’d still be itchy. Scratching made it worse and started leaving scabs so my doc suggested applying a lotion (thick lotion during winter and thin lotion during summers) to keep the area moisturized. The idea is also not to leave the area damp. As it is from the 4th month of pregnancy, our breats start producing colostrum and some may leak through making the area damp and itchy. So make sure the area is clean, wipe with a damp cloth before sleeping as well and try to avoid use of scented soaps in the area of the nipples since this could dry out your skin further.

3. Vaginal Care: The most important! Like i mentioned above, I got UTI at the fag end of my pregnancy after being super careful for the first 2 trimesters. I understand it’s easier to let the lethargy take over as your body grows but make a conscious effort to avoid this. 80% UTI cases take place in the final trimester of pregnancy and half of these can be easily avoided by doin the following:

  • Use a feminine wash (lactacyd based) to wash the area twice a day. Avoid washing more than twice a day since residual dampness can also cause infections.You can use V wash plus which was reviewed by Anamika here .V wash is mild and soothes the intimate area. It’s gel based and lathers well. Unlike other intimate wash products, it won’t give that drying feeling.It has this floral fragrance which helps in menstrual days when one is cautious about it.I will really recommend this to those who suffer from vaginal odor problem.


  • Don’t use vaginal deodorants or perfumes in this area during pregnancy.
  • Wear cotton underwear since it keeps the intimate area free from sweat and odors for longer.
  • Never use a douche during pregnancy.
  • Be careful of your shower products. Some may affect the balance of healthy bacteria and lead of allergies and rashes.
  • If you find it hard to shave around your intimate area, use an epilator instead (no risk of cuts) or ask your hubby to shave you. It’s extremely important to keep the vaginal area clean and hygienic at this time.

4. Keep your hands clean: Sounds simple right? But ironically it’s the one point least followed by people. During pregnancy though, it’s imperative that your hands be kept clean and sanitized to avoid infections. If you’re at home, wash your hands for atleast 20secs and if you’re out, do carry a sanitiser. Even a simple cold can take eons to clear during pregnancy and if it can be avoied by being a bit more strict about our hygiene, why not?


5. Prefer showers to baths: Sitting in baths increases the risk of bacteria and infections entering your vagina. So even if it’s really hot or you’ve had a tiring day, prefer having a cool shower to refresh yourself rather than a long soak in the tub..

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All these points are really easy and something we usually do regularly and take care about during pregnancy. But it’s during the final trimester, when the lethargy sets in that we tend to forget or disregard them. Please do not do this…If required, bookmark this post or take a printout and stick it in your bedroom so it doesn’t slip your mind. Remember that following these few points diligently makes all the difference to yours as well as your babies health..

Keep Safe!

Don’t Forget To Share Your Tips To Maintain Hygiene During Pregnancy?

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  1. informative article.. also, i think visiting parlors can be kept at minimum during pregnancy.. once a parlor gal told me she find it quite nervous for waxing pregnant ladies… she told me few ladies are v adamant in spite of she telling it is not much advisable..


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