5 Ways To Make Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup



5 Ways To Make Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

Hey beautiful lasses, how are you all doing???

Well today I shall talk about a top ranked, important beauty feature. When we talk about beautiful facial features “Eyes” are the most appreciated feature and are ruling the choices of both men and women since ages.

Bigger eyes are always considered beautiful irrespective of the color.


L’Oreal Color Riche Cuppa Joe EOTD


Have you ever given a thought to which compliment please the girl the most?

Of course every girl loves compliment coming her way and not just a girl infact everybody likes them.

“Hey you have a hot body”, “ What beautiful tresses you have ”or “ You got a flawless skin”; these all are some the most common and yet always loved compliments given to any girl, but “You have got beautiful eyes” is the compliment that makes the girl happiest and BOYyyy this compliment may just get you some extra good marks and make a stronger chance for you to be chosen, though a girl is always wise enough to know what, when and where is true, heartfelt and not just a flattery way to impress.


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But not everyone has similar features, we have got different lips, ears, nose and EYES too. What do girls do who don’t have big eyes? I personally feel that those “tiny – miny eyes” are so cute, but alas this does not change the craze of big eyes.

Worry not my dear ladies; Makeup is one thing that makes you look just the way how exactly you want yourself to be looked like.


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Yeah you got me right!!!! Today I shall tell you all some very easy peasy ways to make your eyes look bigger with the assistance of some nice makeup tips.
Read on to know them:

Highlight The Inner Corners

Use an eyeliner, pencil or alight colored shadow, specifically silver or white to highlight the inner corners of your eyes. The white highlights will make your look bigger by giving a brightened and opened up effect.


UD Glide-On Pencil Perversion EOTD


Curl the Lashes

Of course mascara does a big deal in opening up your eyes and making them look big, but it is not solely the mascara. Properly curled lashes do the trick here.
Curl your lashes and apply the darkest of mascaras or a clear mascara to have opened up bigger eyes.




 Watch Your Brows

Well maintained brows do a lot for the way how your eyes look. Keep your brows in shape and tweezed, but never over tweeze them. Shape your eye brows considering your face shape, but maintain it thick is a good idea for bigger looking eyes.


brown smokey eyes


Play With EyeShadows Wisely

This is all about playing with the placement of your eye shadow and distributing it right. Evenly distribute the right colors at the right place. The trick is to concentrate your eye shadow at the middle of your lash line, since this the widest section of your eye and also use deep color in the crease. This will create an illusion of bigger eyes.


Brown smokey eye makeup tutorial


Correct Liner

It is not only about the right application about liner but also the right color of the liner.
Cooler tones, like a blue colored eye liner helps in making the whites of our eyes appear bigger and also brighten them up.


Also applying liner only in half of the lower lash line makes the eyes appear bigger.

What ways do you swear by to make your eyes look bigger?

Have you got your personal trick to make your eye look bigger?

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  1. My personal trick. . Do not line. The waterline. . Just line the outer side of the eye contours. Use a flesh toned liner for water line


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