5 Ways To Prepare Homemade Hair Toner Solutions At Home


5 Ways To Prepare Homemade Hair Toner Solutions At Home

The beauty and grooming industry is booming at an exponential rate and everyone is excited about the latest trends, fashion, hairstyles or simply anything which looks attractive at the first glance! Talking about hair, hairstyle makeover like drastic haircuts, hair straightening or smoothening perming etc. are all yesterday’s trend and now its is something more that excites everyone! It is Hair toning which is capturing the potential minds of people who love to try and experiment a lot of with their hair!

aqua hair treatment

After skin toners, its hair toners which is picking up as the hot selling service in every salon these days! 🙂

Hair toners are mainly hair grooming treatment which enhance the glossy texture of the hair making them look healthy and in great luster! It puts life into your hair and make the treated or colored hair looked more naturally glossy and enhance the existing highlights and hair color!

Hair toning is another service you can get in a salon but yes it will cost a bit and so we though coming up with a post on how you can prepare a homemade hair toner so as to make your hair look shiny and nourished in cheap ways!

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Simple Conditioning Hair Toner-


  • A good color protecting conditioner
  • Water
  • Few drops of lemon

diy hair mask


  1. Mix the conditioner and water in a bowl to form an optimum consistency mixture so as to make it apt to be applied on the hair length with a hair brush.
  2. Now add the few drops of lemon juice to it and mix well!
  3. As the mixture is prepare apply it over the entire length of the hair with a brush. Leave the mixture over the hair for about 25-30 minutes to see the visible effects since the first usage!
  4. Rinse the hair with normal water and follow up with a quick low temperature blow dry! You will see the changed texture of the hair! 🙂

Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Conditioner swatch

Apple Cider Vinegar Toner


  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Water


  1. Condition the hair and rinse it thoroughly so as to remove the residue of the conditioner used!
  2. Prepare a mixture of Apple cider vinegar and water as per your requirement and hair length and apply it on the hair!
  3. Massage gently for a good while and then rinse well with normal water! The vinegar smell will gradually fade as the hair dries up!

how to use apple cider vinegar

You can expect your hair color to look better than before and who doesn’t loves that glossy hue!

Black Tea Toner


  • 4-5 Tea pouches
  • Water

black tea


  1. Boil the water with the tea bags until the mixture is a dark brown-black mixture and let it cool!
  2. Now apply the liquid on the hair by spraying on the entire hair length and let it stay for about 40-45 minutes!
  3. As the hair feels dry, rinse the hair with clear water and see how the existing hair color is enhanced upon drying!

Hair Dye Toner-


  • Semi Permanent Hair dye
  • Conditioner

How to color hair at home


  1. If you have bleached you hair recently and it didn’t come out to be as per your liking a quick hair toner will make the hair appear less horrible and you need not embarrass yourself before anyone!
  2. Pour a handful of conditioner and add an opposing semi-permanent hair dye in in less quantity and thoroughly mix them both!
  3. Apply it over the entire length of hair or the specific areas like the crown or the ends of hair and let it stay for 15-20 minutes to even out the hair color and give a promising result without spending a whole lot of money!

Shampoo Food Color toner-


  • 1 tsp Blue Food color
  • 2tbsp Shampoo
  • A bowl to mix

DIY natural hair color


  1. This type of hair toner is more suitable for hair which has orangy undertones and it easily cancels out the hue!
  2. Mix a pea sized amount of a good conditioner and mix thoroughly!
  3. Next step is to apply the mixture over the entire hair length and let it stand for 10-15minutes!

As the mixture dries, give it a rinse and follow up with a usual shampoo and conditioning routine!

Hope you like all these homemade hair toner solutions!

Have you tried any of these DIY Hair toners before?

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