5 Ways To Prevent Tanning While Holidaying


This time I went well prepared to the beaches because last time when I was in Goa by the end of my trip I started hating my pics :D.I like getting tanned but an even tanned which is light and suits me and not some patchy one which makes me look like Hidamba πŸ˜€ Remember her in the serial Ramayana .

My hands get most affected by the ultraviolet rays of the sun and this time too they are affected the most.My face is pretty much clean and this is what I did to protect my self from getting tanned.

1.Neutrogena Ultra sheer dry- touch sunblock SPF 50

Nuetrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun Block Review

Beach can do the best test of this sun block and now it has become one of my favorite.I have oily skin and still it didn’t make me feel greasy.I applied it right after taking bath and let it stay on my skin for half an hour before stepping out under the sun.It is waterproof so affect still remains for a while.I frequently re applied it after swimming.Without this it would have become difficult to stay away from sun.Product has been reviewed by Prerana here.

2.St.Ives Apricot Scrub (whitening) –

St Ives Apricot Scrub Whitening Review

The first tan removing tip is to wash  and cleanse the skin daily.This promotes the shedding of the top layer of the skin which helps the skin grow and regenerate.St.Ives Apricot scrub (for all skin types) costs Rs 265 and can be used as a body scrub also.Infact I loved using it.After using my skin felt smooth and I could see some tan removal.

3.I took bath daily with luke warm water at night no matter even if I did in the morning or after swimming.I washed my hair daily and before leaving for Andaman I deep conditioned my hair .

4.Cucumber Juice for detanning

With this I also made use of my dinner salad.:After taking bath applied cucumber slice on my face .It gives a soothing effect and helps in removing tan.As I couldn’t grate the cucumber I just applied cucumber slice and rubbed it a bit for five minutes every day.

cuucmber pack for skin whitening

5.In the end tried to save my face with as much sun rays as possible so a cap and goggles were a must.

It looks like lot but it was not.I am also testing an amazing pack for  tan removal which was shared by a sweet  lady of Andaman .Let me see how it works out after few days of testing till then have a great day ahead:)

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  1. nice review ! looking forward for your anti tan pack ! plz suggest me a good sunscreen for my 2 year old daughter i m planning a holiday so want a sunscreen for my daughter also ! i consulted my pediatrician but he had no idea …….any suggestion ladies

    • mm sunscreen for daughter..u r a caring mother arti..but 2 yeard old should stay away from chemicals and all.. if u don get anything to do then apply some rose water, few drops of lemon juice and glycerine while on holiday on her skin.

      and make sure she is not allergic to lemon juice. it can be reactive some time.

  2. I am not a fan of tanning,it’s understandable that people with white skin might like it but for a skin like ours I do get the obsession with it.I do not condone whitening either.

    Tanning however,is inevitable being a protective mechanism of the skin.Use of physical barriers-goggles,scarf,wide brimmed hat will usually help.A sunblock/sunscreen is a MUST.

    But after you have been tanned,use this face pack.I swear by it because I had tanned like crazy practicing for my school’s annual sports meet for months in the Sun which was followed by THE farewell!Gah!Who’d want to look like a penny.

    For the pack,take gram flour(besan),milk powder,a dollop of curd,lemon juice and little cream(malai) if you have a dry skin.Make a paste,apply on your skin,let it dry and then wash off with a slightly lukewarm water and see the result for your self.Of course it’ll take time for the tan to wear off.

  3. god……. give it to me Anamika, i already look like Hidamba with a dark face and dark hands. its like i am 2 different persons clothed and otherwise….. meri koi madath karo. am ding to get rid of the tan from m hands and face. but as always nothing helps…
    p s: does potato juice help???

    • roopa regular scrubbing, washing , cleansing and face pack..u need that for sure..

      and yes make a solution of lemon juice, rose water and glycerine..keep it in your fridge and apply it before you go to bed..will take some month if u r really tanned but u will see the difference.

  4. i does sounds like a lot job…..
    how much does neutrogena thing costed you??? spf 50+…. 😯 😯 😯

  5. Anamika, do you have any idea if the Revlon CB is still available? I told you about that lakme SA right? She said they have stopped it. And I’m planning to get lippies this weekend and wanted to buy the peach one so badly or atleast some other color that would suit me. So I thought if they are still in stock I can check other places too.

      • Yay!!! I’ll happily shop now πŸ˜€ Actually planning to get 2 lippies and the blush. I was thinking of trying out the Chambor silk for the other one. I was so dumb the last time I went to get a lippy. The SA gave me all weird shades. But after becoming wise about make up πŸ˜€ , now I hope to get a good one :fingersxd: :dance:

  6. try coral colour lipstick it will suit you ..and for blush start with colorbar..they suit almost all..you can order them online as well.

    • Yeah I was going to get the peachy rose one from colorbar from saravana stores (ponnu had suggested that place). And my skin shade is similar to yours from what I;ve seen of the compact shade and TM shade so noted down the shades that look pretty on you (actually that’s a long list but I’m going only for the lighter shades as of now) πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. yeyyeyeey!!! so then i can use any of yur products which u have or get..i don have chambor lipstick so u got to review it here ::P

  8. *Thanks god that hyderabad is no where near Chennai* :pray: :devil:

    And yeah if I get a good one, I’ll definitely review it here. Actually few more reviews are coming up. I’m just being lazy to take some nice pics πŸ˜›

      • Oh my god ppl are planning to take away my make up stuff even before I get them :tremble:

        Btw I was just reading your review on Patanjali aloe vera gel and how you had abducted it from your mom and now I know!

        • lolz..there is not much difference between a handsome boy and makeup..so u shouldn’t be surprised if “SOME ONE” is planning to steal it πŸ˜›

          hahha..patanjali aloevera is like an HG.a must have..i use it anywhere and every where :))

          • Now I think I shouldn’t put up haul posts :-/

            And I know aloe vera gel is so amazing. I love the green elaf one that I’m having. I have been using it for 3 yrs now. And after reading wise she I would definitely like to try the Patanjali one now.

  9. You tortured poor Andaman ladies there to part with their beauty tips !!! :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller:

    Anu i got myself FE ka Multani Mitti Ubtan…my heart just went out while paying 450 for MULTANI MITTI !!! Hope it doesnot disappoint me too.

    I found this after sun facewash at Medicines and More in GVK…and these collagen face masks..the ones that come ready made in a pouch soaked in liquid!

  10. hehhee i do that with every one..ask them about any beauty tip which they can share;)

    thank god i did take my husband with me while buying the multani mitti pack..with this stop using face washes and u will see skin getting healthy..

    collagen face masks …what is that?

  11. Ohh…matlab ABDSOLUTELY NO FACE WASH AT ALL ??!!!!

    Its those korean masks…which come shaped like your face…wll mail u

    • if u want ..otherwise no issue..just get up wash your face and take out the powder in your hand.add few drops of water apply it on your face..brush your teeth and wash it off..hardly takes any time.:)

  12. thanks ! i apply lemon glycerine and rose water on my daughter skin in winters coz jhonson doesnt works for her but never knew it can be used as sunscreen ! actually i have read so many articles that says sunscreen is must for babies and kids in summers else they will develop lots of skin probs ! in india we dont have brands that are specifically for kids and toddlers……!

    recently i saw lotus herbal sunscreen for kids but didnt pick coz i m also afraid of applying chemicals on my daughter’ skin ….so just looking for a natural sunscreen

  13. yup i wont advise this either..better to stay natural because ingredients are a big issue..

    you can add some extra virgin olive oil in winters.this will provide extra moisturization to the baby..

    to make the sunscree lotion

    u will need 250 gm of rose water some 100 gm(or small bottle) of glycerin and 3-4 lemon juice. u can store the mixture in the fridge .also if you find the mixture sticky then add more rose water

    glad yur baby has a concerned mom:)

  14. How u r suggesting lemon juice,glycerine n rose water as sunscreen?…lemon juice makes skin photosensitive,thus the kid will get darker if she steps out in sun with that mixture on her skin.


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