5 Ways To Remove Hair From Chin And Neck


5 Ways To Remove Hair From Chin And Neck

As if upper lip hair was not enough, many women have to deal with extra hair on chin and neck. Very fine hair is common but if you have thick hair then obviously you would prefer to remove it. Bleaching does not work really well for thick hair on chin and neck. Usage of depilatory creams is also not recommended but these may suit some girls. You can also use spring-hair remover but again thicker is difficult to remove with that.

You still have a few methods that can actually work in removing hair from chin and neck-

how to remove chin and neck hair



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It is a very good way to get rid of hair whether its on neck or any other part of body. You can use ready-made facial wax strips to remove chin and neck hair by yourself. You can also visit a salon and get a wax done. Chocolate wax works well for the purpose. Another wax is the peel wax or katori wax. You can do it at home or get it done at a salon. It is easy to do katori wax at home specially if you do not want to go to salon or have an emergency. Ready made wax strips do not work in very humid weather so keeping a bowl of peel wax at home can be a good idea if you like waxing.



ways to remove chin and neck hair

This is a popular method of hair removal in our country. Just like your eyebrows, you can get the rest of your facial hair threaded as well. You can do threading at home too once you get the hang of it. Learn it at a salon or watch a video on Youtube. Though, threading chin is fine, you need to be extra careful while threading your neck as the skin is relatively loose here and can get caught in thread leading to cuts.



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Epilator hurts but not too much compared to waxing. It pulls out hair from root. Very small hair can easily be caught in an epilator. Epilation is gaining popularity and some face-specific epilator are also available in market. It depends on your comfort level and if it suits you there is nothing better than epilation.


Getting laser treatment on chin and hair is another option to try. Laser is a hit or miss method mostly. If it works for you then you will get smooth skin for life. If it doesn’t work then you will end up losing money. It is often said that laser does not suit Indian skin. Laser targets darker areas and so works effectively on light skin with dark hair. I think that this property makes it more suitable for fair complexioned girls. But again there are exceptions and do your research regardless of your skin tone before getting laser hair removal.

Home Remedies

turmeric for skin

You can also try home remedies to Remove Hair From Chin And Neck. These again do not work on everybody and take a long time to give visible results. You can use, turmeric, besan, oatmeal and many more easily available ingredients for getting rid of hair on chin and neck. You can find many good remedies here.

Which method do you use to remove hair from chin and neck?

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