5 ways to reuse wrong lipstick shade

We all are always in search for our best red lipstick or best lipstick shade but finding the right lipstick is always tricky.When we buy them it always comes across as the perfect colour but when we actually use it we may not find it that interesting.
I have bought  wrong lipstick shades many times and I think this is because of artificially flattering lights in the department store.We buy them at such high prices and when they dont work it certainly hurts.


Tricks to re-use lipstick

     1. .Mixing lipstick shades–   By layering the wrong lipstick shade with another gives a whole new look .Trick is to fist apply the base layer with your favourite lipstick or the best lipstick and then follow it by a thin layer of the wrong lipstick colour.Both lipstick when mixed together will give you a complete new shade and it some time gives even look better than the both.
3.  2.    Lip gloss If you find your lipstick shade too dark then you can lighten it up mixing it with some petroleum jelly.So you have a new lip gloss ready with a wrong lipstick shade.Use a cotton swab to mix the lipstick.
OK you don’t want much hassle then go ahead and apply a thin layer of the lip gloss and  then the lipstick.Just experiment a bit and you may find a lipstick shade which no one has.
4.     3.  Lipstick as Blush Wrong lipstick shade on the cheeks can be your creamy blush as well ofcourse the lipstick shade should be suitable and not some dark chocolaty colour.
5.      4  Lipstick as eyeshadow Wrong lipstick shades some time works as eye shadows too.You just have to use it lightly .Lipstick colours such as plum or bronze goes well as eye shadows but certainly not red.
 5 Giving the lipstick back -  Few of my friends who are living abroad told me that some drug store or cosmetic counters so take back the lipstick but when I tried in India it didn’t work for me.First of all it was little embarrassing to ask them to replace the lipstick because it was already used and then the sales people do give you that frustrating look so I avoid this.

Finding the right lipstick shade

I know have learnt my lesson and therefore I have started looking at the lipstick shade in various lights.Works for me  and might work for you as well .

Do you have any tips to share on this?


  1. Good article. I too have bought the wrong shade way too many times. But I layer the bad shade with other lipsticks or glosses and make it work.


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