5 ways to save on make up and Beauty products


I am a big time shopoholic. The moment I see any new brand coming up I am all ready to visit their store and try them out. Blogging has made this thing even worse because it keeps me more aware about new brands. Now I am getting addicted to onilne shopping as well.Whenever I see any discount coming up I visit the site and end up adding so many things in my cart that my husband often can’t believe his eyes.

This time me and my friend Mamta went for shopping and this conversation took place at Revlon counter.
Me- Wow!!! New Nail paints I want them Mamta
Mamta – Yeah! Me too
 (We both started swatching and SA happily showed all the nail paints to us)
Me- I am taking these five
Mamta – Yaa but I loved these too also on you.
Me- Ok then I will take these two as well
S.A- Mam this is of our new range and it is really looking great
Me-   O.K I will take these two as well.

So I landed up buying 8 nail paints from Revlon where I had not even planned of buying even one before starting from my place.

To make things works now I don’t even remember how many nail paints and what different colors nail paints I have.This is what I came to know when I came back home.

I already had same colour Revlon nail polish with me which I  have used  so many times and still I didn’t remember about it.

 I was feeling guilty as this is not the first time I have done this.I have made lot many more dent in my pockets and it is just a small example.I have now decided to buy cosmetics with utmost care and I am not going to overdrive my budget and make up.

1. Keeping track of old make up – Well I found this a very interesting activity as I got the chance to go through my make up and even remember it .I have swatched my lipsticks, eyeliner, blushes and eye shadows on this plain white paper.I have applied cello tape on all the colours and wrote all the name of the colours and the brands which I got them from.So now before shopping I will give this paper a glance so that I remember all the shades which I have.

(I clicked the pic before naming and taping them)

2. There are some nail paints which I rarely use such as yellow, blue and orange.I am going to buy  them from  inexpensive brands like Street wear and Elle 18.If I truly love any one color then I willl splurge on it later.Elle 18 and street wear have okayish quality and they don’t dry out nails or make them yellow.

3. Wait for Sale – Brands such as Maybelline and Body Shop do have good offers in sale season  so it is better to buy products from them when the Sale is going on rather than buying when they have just been introduced.

4. Small packaging and Sample – I have a habit of buying everything big even if I don’t need them.If I go for jeans shopping I will think of buying 2-3 jeans together.Same goes with blush and all.So now  onwards I am going to ask for a sample product so that I can know wether it is going to suit me or not and then think of spending on it.

Also, I am going to buy small size products rather than bigger one which just increase the weight of my dressing table.

5.Swapping products – I have already started this.I give all my skin care products or make up products to my friend which don’t suit me or which I am not interested in using any more.Best thing is she has dry skin therefore now all my costly products which  breaks me out can be of her use and I wont’ feel gulity of buying some thing wrong.In return I am sure she will realise some day that she can also give me products which are meant for oily skin

I hope you are going to be with me  and won’t let me splurge un necessary .Atleast not  on the product which I already have



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