5 Ways To Store Lipsticks



5 Ways To Store Lipsticks

As a lipstick addict I have hundreds of lipsticks and glosses lying all over my place. At first, when I had only 9-10 lipsticks, it wasn’t much of a problem storing them. But when the 10 became 100, I had to really think of ideas to store my lipsticks in a proper way so that I don’t have to go mad searching for one in hurry. I thought of discarding or giving away the ones I don’t use often. But they are like my little babies with whom I can’t part. So, then came the need to store them properly.

So, here are some ways in which you can store your lipsticks.

Clear plastic Boxes


how to Store Lipstick


This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to store your lipsticks. Before, I used to toss them all into a clear plastic box. But I realized that it wasn’t working. Keeping the lipsticks straight in the box side by side with the cap facing downward made the process even easier.

But you have to be really careful when taking them out, a little gap can make them tilt or fall.

Lipstick boxes

This is the solution to the above problem.

Things you need:-

One box, lipstick boxes, scissors and definitely lipsticks that you want to store.

Flatten those empty boxes and cut and split them into half. Tear/cut off the cover flaps. Now you have two boxes to store. Glue them together for added strength. Follow the steps with other empty boxes as well. Glue them together. Place them on the empty container and put your lipsticks in them.

Lipstick Grids


ideas to Store Lipstick


There are many plastic and fiber lip grids available in the market. Buy as many as you need. Place them inside any box or keep them as it is and put your lipsticks in them. These are very effective and definitely pretty cheap.

Customized lipstick grids

Want to make your own lip grids?? Here is the method.


lipstick grids for storage


Things you’ll need:-

Card papers/boards, a ruler, a pen and scissors.

Take out the biggest lipstick you have and measure it. Cut out a portion of your cardboard in the same size as the horizontal side of the box. Do this again with the vertical size. If you want you can make the sizes a hair size smaller so that the cardboards go in with ease. Now take out the biggest lipstick you have and measure it on the cardboard pieces, draw a line or dots so that you don’t forget. Through the lines and dots. Take your scissor and start cutting through the lines. Go through a little more than half. Do this with all the cardboard pieces. Interlock four cardboard pieces into a square shaped thing. Place rest of the cardboard pieces in between. Take the dividers and fir it into the box and you are done.

Hanging Pouch


lipstick storage ideas


Mainly used for storing hair accessories, these hanging pouches can be used to store your lipsticks as well. Divide them according to colors, brands or shapes and sizes, whatever you feel like. These are available easily, reasonable and save lot of space.

P.S. Pictures are taken from Google for reference purpose. Let us know if you have problem and want them to be removed.

How do you store your lipsticks?

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