5 Ways to Style Palazzo Pants


5 Ways to Style Palazzo Pants

Hello Pretty women!  Hope you all are dazzling in your own unique styles. I am here today to bring to you 5 Ways to Style Palazzo Pants in which you could wear your palazzo pants and rock your look.

Palazzo pants are a rediscovered fashion statement that reined the fashion scene in 1980s and beginning of 90s. But then they faded away and churidars and leggings took over. Now that they are back to the scene, it is with an updated caricature. It always happens with fashion specially that a thing moves out of fashion but then comes right back in with some adjustments to the ongoing trends and becomes a style statement again in its own right.

So let’s look at the five fantastic ways in which we could style these Palazzo pants and be a part of the trend.

With a white top


You could team your palazzo of any color except white, with a white top and make an impression. Whites generally go well with any color Palazzos and look quite chic. You could also wear something like a lacy top with your Palazzos for that beautiful look. For now, I like what the woman in this pic is wearing, she looks stylish for sure.

With a Peplum top


Peplum tops and Palazzos make for a great combination. They are specially good for women with weighty issues as both Peplum tops and Palazzos help you hide the fatty areas and also make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

With a tank top or a spaghetti

palazzo with white top

You can never go wrong with a Bohemian look. You can style yourself with a spaghetti or even a tank top and rock the party! This can be an ideal outfit for summers. You can even go out with your friends wearing these and make your own style statement. Do not forget to accessorize as it would add oodles of oomph to your look.

With a Shrug

palazzo with shrug top

Palazzo pants look cool with almost everything. Do not miss out on trying the urbane look with a shrug over a tank or a tube top. You would definitely add volumes to your style quotient. Make sure you use a contrasting color or a universal color of shrug to compliment your palazzo pants.

With a Boho top

boho crop top with palazzo

This can also be a look you could experiment with. If you are middle to hefty built specially and need to hide your fat from wrong areas, you should try this look as it would help you enhance your confidence and give you that style to capture for yourself.

Palazzo pants for sure are really awesome to put on specially during summers when you can go out without having to worry about what to wear while you own these. You should not refrain from trying these. These are a returning trend and I can vouch for your mothers, grandmothers etc. to have worn these during their youth. It would be good for you to try what your parents wore when they were young. You can always get back for any suggestions, feed back or comments. We would love to feature your comments and address your queries.

I hope you found the post interesting and would definitely try these looks. In case you are already trying some of these looks, do share your comments.


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