5 Ways To Take Out Aloe Vera Gel From Its Leaf


5 Ways To Take Out Aloe Vera Gel From Its Leaf

We are all aware of the multiple benefits of aloe vera gel. It can be eaten though it is a little bitter. You can mix it with smoothies. Aloe vera gel can be applied on skin and hair as well. It makes skin soft and removes pigmentation. It also conditions hair.

You can see more benefits of Aloe Vera gel here.

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Even though it is available commercially, you can make your own by any of the following methods-

How To Take Out Aloe Vera Gel From Its Leaf

Cut a leaf from near its base. The plant should not be very old or too young. A 3-4 year old plant works the best. Wash the leaf and wipe it dry. Cut out 3-4 inches of leaf from its pointed end. The rest of the portion is useful. You can cut it into two to make the extraction easier. Now follow any of the following methods to extract the gel-

The Simple Way to Take Out Aloe Vera Gel From Its Leaf

Take a sharp knife and cut the spikes of the leaf. Keep the knife horizontally on the leaf and move it along one of the sides of the leaf. This way the spikes will be gone in one stroke. Do not go very fast. Repeat the process for the other side of leaf and remove the spikes.  Then cut the leaf vertically into thinner pieces. Remove one side of leaf by sliding a knife inside. Now you can scoop out the gel with a spoon.

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Get Clean and Smooth Aloe Vera Gel

Follow the above process. Once you have removed the leaf from one side of the gel, turn it over and remove the leaf from other side too. This way you will get clean, smooth strips of aloe vera gel.

Use a peeler to Take Out Aloe Vera Gel From Its Leaf

 Cut out the spikes of the leaf and peel the rest of it with the help of your fruit and vegetable peeler. It is a really easy method and is quick as well.

Another Method to Take Out Aloe Vera Gel From Its Leaf

 If you are deft in kitchen then you do need to go through the drill of removing the spikes. Simply take a piece of aloe leaf on your palm and cut out the top portion of leaf. Scoop out the gel.

After following these methods, you will have chunks of aloe vera gel that are not easy to use. Simply blend them in a food processor and you will have your thin and easy to use aloe vera gel.


Use a Grater to  Take Out Aloe Vera Gel From Its Leaf

Take a piece of aloe vera leaf and remove the spikes. Cut the leaf from middle by running the knife inside the leaf through the gel. Now place the gel-side of the leaf on the grater and move it back and forth like you grate anything else. Use a grater with small holes for this purpose.

If you follow this method, there won’t be need for using a blender.

Aloe vera gel can be stored by mixing vitamin C and E tablets into it. For every 1/4 cup of aloe gel, add 500 mg vitamin c tablet and 400 IU vitamin E tablet. Make a powder of tablets and blend it properly with the gel. This aloe vera gel can be stored for many months without getting rotten.

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Do you know more ways to take out aloe vera gel from its leaf?

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