5 Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair



5 Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is such a turn off, isn’t it?
I have struggled with frizzy hair for the major part of my life and just as the cold weather is knocking in many girls would we wondering about how to combat frizzy hair.

Frizz is caused mainly because of changes in humidity levels. Cold weather, central heating and air – conditioning too play an important role in making your hair frizzy, but these are moreover unavoidable. These conditions cause hair strands to expand and re shape.

Lack of moisture, heat styling, and chemical damage also worsen your hair making them dry, damaged and this too contributes in making your hair frizzy.


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Let us just not discuss about frizzy hair, rather tame them and today I shall help you girls do so. Here are few tried and tested ways to tame frizzy hair:

Hot Oil Treatment

I literally swear by this treatment. It has not only helped me to prevent frizz but also have helped in improving my hair texture and the way they look.

Simply pour some hair oil of your choice in a bowl, microwave it for 30 seconds and now with the help of cotton begin with the application of oil on your roots & then follow with the lengths of hair towards the hair tips. Now wrap a warm towel around your hair for 30 – 60 minutes (this is optional, but doing this makes a huge difference).

You can also leave oil overnight. I personally use olive oil because coconut oil somewhat makes my hair behave crunchy. Check out if you too face a similar situation.

Infrequent Washes

Do you wash your hair daily????

Stop it right away if you too have a frizzy hair problem. Washing hair frequently rips off moisture from hair, thereby making them dry and frizzy.

Also the way you wash your hair makes a huge difference. Try to shampoo with more focus on scalp and do not apply extra shampoo to the lengths of hair, specifically the tips. The shampoo would gradually pass from scalp to hair. This will aid in cleaning your hair and at the same time will not dehydrate them. Extra shampoo to hair lengths will again contribute to dry hair.

You can observe how a professional hair salon washes hair; they focus more on a cleaner scalp.

Extra Conditioning

For certain hair types like thick, coarse, curly/ wavy hair. The regular conditioners do not perform equally well like the way they do for fine, straight hair types. Even after choosing a specific hair type devoted conditioner you might feel that it is not sufficient for your hair.

In such a case try swapping hair masks with conditioners. You will see a difference yourself after doing so. I have totally stopped purchasing conditioners; indeed I use my Well Enrich hair mask as a conditioner and as a deep conditioning mask.

You can also make natural hair masks like a blend of banana and papaya or a simple yogurt hair mask.


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Do Not Fry Your Hair

Yeeaahhhh, I so wanted to use this caption!
In an urge to look the best each time we resort to too much of heat styling and this is actually cooking up our hair or rather burning them.
I am not saying that heat styling is a NO, but yes you can try to minimize it.
We at wiseshe have so much of good suggestions about various hair styles, pick some hairstyles out of them which do not have use of heats or have negligible use.

Also make it a point to invest in a good heat protectant product before you involve yourself in a heat styling process.
Too much of heat plays a big role in making your hair frizzy.

Accessorize Hair At Bedtime

I am so sure that this caption must have confused you. By accessorize I do not mean the usual pins and bands usage.

Wrap your hair in a silk scarf. Making it a ritual just as applying night creams and hand creams are a ritual in your beauty regime. Wrapping up hair in a silk scarf prevents your hair against friction which ultimately prevents frizzy hair.

If this does not come in handy, try swapping your regular pillowcase with a silk pillowcase, this too will help to an extent.

Watch Your Diet

Now it is time to work from within. Only diet is a thing that affects your body in long run. To combat frizz increase your intake of omegas. This will help strengthen brittle hair, keep them nourished and cut down frizz.

Just like an allergy never dies, frizz too can never go away permanently. You really got to take care of your regularly. You stop caring for them; they will stop caring for your look.

Have you tried any of the above mentioned tips to tame Frizz?

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