5 Ways to Use Angular Makeup Brush


5 Ways to Use Angular Makeup Brush

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Hope you are in the best of health. Makeup is an art and what is an artist without good brushes ? Certainly, We are addicted to our makeup brushes. Makeup brushes and tools are staples in our makeup kit. Nailing the perfect makeup is little tricky without makeup tools. All we need to play with them in a right way. Recently, I discovered 5 ways to use an ‘Angular brush’. Read on and get to know more about it.

Basic Usage – Angular Brush


It is basic makeup brush that use for enhancing facial features like, filling in spaces that are created with uneven growth. The slanted shape of this brush has been designed to give the perfect slant to shape your eyebrows.

For perfect eyeliner application


Fan of a winged eyeliner? Absolutely yes! I know the struggle to get the perfect set of winged eyeliner. An eyeliner is a crucial part of eye makeup that intensify the whole look. If you are still in a love -hate relationship with your eyeliner skills, then it’s time to get your hand on an ‘angular brush’. The angular brush is ideal for perfect eyeliner application.

To achieve Deep set of brows

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Want an intense and bold set of brows like Deepika Padukone? You just need to fill your brows with the help of a thin angular brush. It helps in defining and filling your eyebrows perfectly.


The famous makeup artist Pac Macgrath uses angular brush to fill and shape eyebrows that appears bold and sexy.

For Brow bone highlighting


Brow bone highlighting is as important as filling brows. Just pat your angular brush in a neutral tone shimmery eye shadow or highlighter and apply it to your brow bone and woah! You are all set to rock.

To smudge kohl eyeliner


Gone are the days, when we used to love the deepest black kohl only. Now, the whole makeup world has become a fan of smudge kohl. Celebrity makeup artist, Namrata Soni uses black/ brown matte eyeshadow to smudge the kohl with the help of an angled brush. Angular brush is great for smudging the kohl liner without loosing its own shape.

To get precise lips


Lips are the most attractive part of our face. You can’t ignore lips, when it comes to applying perfect lipstick. I always use a basic angled lip brush to fill and define my lips.


It makes lipstick application clean and handy. An angled brush is the perfect choice to get perfect lips.

I hope you like these great hacks , If you want me to do more interesting post like this ten please let me know in the comment section. After all, sharing is caring.


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