5 Ways To Use Body Shop Line Softener Brush


I am using Body shop line softener brush since a year and now it has become one of my must have brush.I especially like to use it when I am in hurry as one can go seldom wrong with it :P:P

Body Shop Soft Liner Brush Review


Body Shop Line Softener brush as per Body Shop


A small, elegant, high-quality, narrow foam-tipped head that is specially designed for softening The Body Shop make-up Eye Liner products.


Price Rs 325


Liner softener as the name suggest has to used on the edges of the eyeliner until you get desired look.


How to use smudger brush /line softner brush


I have used local sponge brushes /line softener brushes before and the sponge tip is  way to soft and breaks down easily :(.Body shop line softener sponge tip is strong and I have washed it many many times but its quality doesn’t deteriorates. :hugleft:

I have rarely seen some one  buying this and the reason being  very few woman are aware of its uses.Below here I am listing down some of the  uses of Line softener brush which I have been trying.

Body Shop Line softener brush

1. You can have two minutes smokey eyes easily with this brush.Just apply the eyeliner on your upper lash line and start smudging and stretch it till the crease.Dab some eye shadow over the eyeliner  if you want to otherwise leave it as it is.Make sure your application is darkest on the upper lash line and then fades slowly till the crease.

2.If you want to apply wet eyeshadow then pick the eyeshadow with the brush and spray water on it.It will give you equal application without making it look patchy.

3.If you find applying highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes difficult  then just use the tip of this brush you rarely will go wrong again 🙂

4.If you apply dark eye shadows on your lower lash line and found it is way too dark then then there is nothing to worry just smudge the eyeshadow with Body shop line softener.

5.You applied pencil eyeliner and you find it looking harsh on you then just smudge the eyeliner with the line softener brush.If you do it with you  finger tip then  half of the product gets stuck on the finger itself 😛

These are some of my ways of using Body shop line softener brush.Do let me know if you know any other way of using body shop line softener brush.

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  1. M really surprised that the brush has remained the same even after multiple washings..Never thought sponge tipped brushes cud ever last this long..

    Wud it be possible for u to do a step-by step tute for using this brush to extend the liner into the crease?? I’ve tried doing it twice but it looks kinda shabby and I end up looking like a panda…

    • i will do it 🙂 pakka se 🙂 i use this most of the time when i am in doubt..this is one of my blending secret :D:D

      • Thanx A! Lukin forward to the tute! Do u think Body shop brushes r a gud investment? Ive friends who say they shed alot, so always stay away thinking it’ll b a waste..But now after reading this review I feel like looking into this once more… :pirate:

        • i have few of them..i have this one, eye liner brush and blush brush so far so good..i have been using them since a year and u know how much i use them :D:D

          • Since a year?? Thats really gud then..In my case the my most used brushes r blush brushes, foundation and powder brushes..i use eye shadows the least coz i lack finesse in application really..looks pretty shabby..I keep following Rash’s step by steps tutes too to try look sout over the weekend..have a long way to go b4 i feel confident enough to wear them outside though.. 🙂

    • wow anamika……just like zara even i m surprised that the sponge tip is ointact even after multiple washings…..the vega brush tips came off in the sedond washing itself….

      i guess i shud try my hands on this brish before i invest in mac pencil brush 219…..wait wait wait…even i have that chjambor kohl powder with a similar smudges tip…..pehle usko use kia jae….. 😀

      and i habe tbs travel set of four mini brushes….not of much use… 🙁

  2. i have similar brushes that i got with my eye shadow kit.but rarely used them.now i will try your ways!!thanx ANAMIKA JI !tusi :lamp: :lamp: great ho

  3. Awwwwwwwww! What a blunder I did. I came to know about this brush when I was shopping & Thought it as not essential & didnt buy it. Now I realized after your post that it is MUST HAVE 🙁


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