5 Ways To Use Eyeshadow Pigments


5 Ways To Use Eyeshadow Pigments

You all must know how eye pigments are different from eye shadows. But for those who do not, know, and let me just tell you all, pigments are intensely pigmented and are actually loose form of color pigments while on the other hand the regular eye shadows that we use are in baked/ pressed form and less pigmented and their color is not always buildable.



Just as pigments are easily blendable, they are equally easy capable of various usages. Yes you read it right, you can out your pigments to a variety of usages.

Turning your pigment into a metallic eyeshadow, using it as an eye liner or using it as a colored mascara are quite common uses of eye pigments, but is it only the eye makeup that pigments can be used for or they have some other makeup uses as well?

No, they can be put to various other makeup uses, some of the easy uses of pigments are mentioned below:



Nail Polish

Yes you can create your custom nail paint with eye pigments. To make a nail paint choose any color pigment of your choice and pour it onto a paper plate on purchase a new nail paint bottle so that you can sue it specifically for pigment created nail paints. Now with the pigmented pour some clear polish. Both the pigment and the clear polish should be in similar proportions. Check the consistency and vary the quantities to achieve desired consistency. Mix the contents thoroughly well. Now with a nail brush apply your custom made nail paint. And voila you are done.


5 Ways To Use Eyeshadow Pigments- nail polish


If you have any highlighter colored pigment, than you can easily use pigments for highlighting your facial features like above cheek bones, bridge of nose to use, centre of forehead and brow bone. You can also use it as a highlighter for collar bone and cleavage area.


This is another great use of pigment. You can create your own lip color with a color pigment. Mix your favorite color pigment with a moisturizing lip balm or a clear gloss. Regular lips can dry out lips, but pigments mixed with gloss or balms are non drying.


5 Ways To Use Eyeshadow Pigments -mettalic-lips


Yes, you can sue pigments as blush too. Simply take a blush brush, swirl the brush on pigment, tap the brush on a plate to shed any extra pigment in brush. Now apply it on your cheeks like you apply a regular blush.

Glowing Skin

You are also going to love this use of pigment.
Take a small amount of shimmery pigment and mix it with your foundation to get a glowy face. You can also mix some pigment with your regular body moisturizer and apply it your legs and body parts to reveal glowing skin.

I hope you people liked this easy and varied sue s of color pigments. If you sued properly, color pigments are actually capable of giving you multiple uses, thus saving a lot of money too.

Do you have more ideas on how to use eyeshadow pigments?

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