5 Ways To Use Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin


5 Ways To Use Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin

Roghan Badam Shirin goes back to when I was a teenager (15+ I guess! ) and my mom used to make me drink milk with this oil every night before bed and I used to hate it that time but when I grew up I found how beneficial this daily ritual was for me & my brother! 🙂

Roghan Badam Shirin is a sweet almond oil which is usually extracted from Badam Malai Giri (imported from Afghanistan) is available online and in stores and this product comes with not one or two but enormous benefits which we mention from time to time in various DIY posts for hair & skincare!

hamdard roghun badam shirin

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Today, we have how you too can use Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin in various ways to keep your skin, hair, nails & overall health in check and utilize its enormous benefits in easy to do ways! It can be used externally over the skin, applied on the scalp & internally it can also be consumed with warm milk so you just need to know that it is a completely safe product to use!

Use Roghan Badam Shirin With Daily Moisturizer

You can use this oil with your daily moisturizer on the face & neck area to keep the skin hydrated & supple! Some people fear putting oil directly on the skin as it might result in breakouts. So it is better to use it with moisturizer. This will keep the skin hydrated enough & regular use is also proven to reduce the pigmentation on the face, fade the dark spots & dark circles!

how to use badam roghun shirin

Use Roghan Badam Shirin With Shampoo

Choose a mild shampoo preferably herbal based & add this oil to it and then use the mixture to wash your hair! You can also keep a separate bottle in your bath shelf. So you can mix these two things while washing your hair. Rogahn Badam Shirin is known to provide strength to hair thus reducing hair fall & also treats damaged hair with each use!

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Use Roghan Badam Shirin With Sun Screen/ Sun block lotion

Roghan Badam Shirin can also be applied beneath any sun block lotion to protect the skin from any sun damage & treat the inflammation caused due to long hours of sun exposure!

Sun rays damage sensitive skin very easily. It is a great idea to mix it with your body lotion/ body butter. This way you can apply it extensively all over the body for treating any skin issues.

5 ways to use hamdard roghun badam shirin

Use Roghan Badam Shirin as a lip balm

Pour this oil in a small jar and use it as a lip balm while going to bed! This oil is very light weight. It treats chapped lips since the first use itself! 🙂 On weekends mix some sugar in the oil & scrub the dead skin of your lips!

Consume Roghan Badam Shirin With Warm Milk

Those who cannot eat almonds can prefer taking few drops of Roghan Badam Shirin in warm milk each day before bed for a stronger immune system & it is also healthy for relieving constipation and solves many digestive problems as well! This is also helpful for young kids & students in making their memory sharp & improves concentration! The warm milk mixture improves sleep, reduces stress & makes the body feel energetic & healthy inside out!

hamdard roghan badam shirin with moisturizer

I know these are really easy to do things you too can try! Other than all these things try massaging your baby with this oil! Those with very dry skin can apply it as a body lotion during extreme winters to provide moisturization throughout the day!

I hope you too try these easy ways to use Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin soon!

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