5 Ways To Use Multani Mitti (Fuller Earth) In Your Skin And Hair Care Regime


5 Ways To Use Multani Mitti

Multani Mitti is for sure known to everyone and the benefits are also very much known to us. It’s just that we tend to ignore it in the light of other branded cosmetics etc. which through heavy advertisement and marketing convince us to buy them instead. However, what we forget is that multani mitti is the most inexpensive solution available to us. Also it also has no side effects. I am sharing 5 Ways To Use Multani Mitti in which you could actually use it for your skin and hair care. So that you have nothing to worry about as there would not be any side effect or any kind of allergic reaction.

fuller earth for hair

Since it is a natural product, there is only a cold treatment that is imparted to your hair and skin to improve it.

Multaani Mitti with Rose Water

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This can be used as a natural face mask to remove impurities off your face. Specifically for an oily skin this can be beneficial as a pack to remove excessive oil off and impart a glow. For normal and dry skin types, this would act as a cooling pack and moisturize your skin.

Multaani Mitti with Turmeric

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This could act as your personal face brightener face mask. Turmeric mixed with multani mitti adds to your face, an unparalleled glow which would make you beam with confidence. It would also cleanse your face and make it free of any bacterial or fungal attacks. It would help it win the battle from sun burn etc. as well fruitfully.

Multaani Mitti for Hair growth

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Multani mitti if used directly on the scalp could act as a great agent to stimulate hair growth and make it better. One can definitely look for a solution to scalp eczema, acne, and even dandruff. Regular use is advised to people looking for a life to dull and brittle hair.

Multaani Mitti for Hair loss

Like hair growth, using multaani mitti can help you prevent hair fall as well. Using overnight soaked multaani mitti on your hair directly by massaging it purely to your scalp can lead to a better life to your hair.

Multaani Mitti for Fair & brighter skin

 multani mitti how to use
If this is what you are longing for since long a fairer skin, read this one. This is a strange yet exciting face pack. Use 2 teaspoons of multani mitti and mix it with 4 tablespoons of cold orange juice. Mix this and apply on your face for 20 minutes before rinsing it off. You will find a fairer complexion with every use.

I am sure you would be amused to look at these benefits which are purely beneficial with no harm for any one to try irrespective of color, complexion, skin type or any allergic complexities. You are free to use it anytime during the day whenever you have time and you are free of any errands!

What can one ask for? Such a useful natural resource is available to us in abundance and we are often worried about spending too much on one and another cosmetic treatments that often rip us off of our pockets.

I am sure there is better awaiting us if we try multani mitti or fuller earth more often than spending on our hard earned money on such treatments.

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