5 Ways To Use New Patanjali Saundarya  Kesar Chandan Aloevera Gel+ Quick Review


5 Ways To Use New Patanjali Saundarya Kesar Chandan Aloevera Gel

Hi peeps! We all adore Patanjali Aloevera gel, Don’t we?  I have been using it since years and I would say, I couldn’t find a replacement of this particular product in my stash. A few days back, Patanjali has launched the all new variant of aloevera gel with Kesar and chandan known as Patanjali Saundarya  Kesar Chandan Aloevera Gel. Today, I am sharing with you 5 Ways To Use New Patanjali Saundarya Kesar Chandan Aloevera Gel. Keep on reading to know more.



As an Overnight mask

Aloevera is great skin rejuvenating agent. It repairs skin overnight to gives you soft and supple skin in the morning. Just apply thick layer of this gel on a clean face and leave it for overnight and wash it off in the morning followed by massaging gently with moisten palms.


As a pimple removing agent

Aloevera is one of the best and quick remedy when it comes to treat regular breakouts or ugly pimples. Since this gel contains real goodness of kesar and chandan which gives really soothing feel that pimple heels faster without any harm.

All you need to make ice cube with this gel and apply daily on to clean face and you’ll be all able to get clear looking skin without putting tons of products.

As an aftershave

Tired of bumpy skin after your regular shaving sessions? New Patanjali Saundarya  Kesar Chandan Aloevera Gel is here to rescue. It gives cool and sooth feel to your skin and no more redness or bumps for sure. It reduces itch to an great extent too.


Boon for Dry and Sensitive skin

If you are experiencing dry and flaky skin this season then dear ,you need to pass your heavy creams this time.Try this amazing gel as it absorbs quickly and repair your skin within . It is one of the best and safe remedy for sensitive skin people.

Beautifying  Scrub/mask  for Instant glow

Running late for a party? Missed your salon appointment as well? Nevertheless, all you need to take a spoonful of this gel and mix it with rice powder ,raw milk and little honey. Apply this mask and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off and voila! You got the glow like Cleopatra ☺


Quick Review

The packaging is quite simple and similar to the old aloevera gel but the whole detailing is in golden-ish color .The packaging quite sturdy and haul-able. I use this aloe vera gel every day especially before bed time or whenever I feel like. It works just great when I use it on my face, it gives sooth feel to my breakout prone sensitive skin .


The consistency is just perfect of this gel and it absorbs quickly without leaving any greasy feel behind. It smells amazing and doesn’tt bother sensitive noses at all. It retails only for INR 50 for 60ml and widely available.I will recommend this for every one. Do give this a try and share your experiences. I would love knowing!


Rating– 4.5/5 (for me so far :))


  1. yeah..it tried this too..i found dis product pretty decent..ct..this patanjali aloe vera gel is rly rly good as i has done miracle to my skin bt as u said it takes time
    m definitely gonna try these ways


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