5 White Eyeliners You Must Try



5 White Eyeliners You Must Try

We all love eyeliners. Don’t we?? And it is one of the most commonly used beauty products. Now although almost all of us use eyeliners, we generally stick to blacks and browns, or at max blues or dark greens and there are always some shades we are unsure about. White is one of these shades and most of us don’t know how to use it for fear of looking weird and out of place. But it can be one of the most versatile eyeliners in your vanity.

So, listing our top favorite white eyeliners here:-

Lakme eyeconic white


New lakme eyeconic kajal price shades

Shade is absolutely milk white and I people are going gaga over it. It is extremely creamy, quite pigmented and stays for around 7 hours, which is pretty good.

NYX Jumbo


NYX Jumbo Pencil White


It is a stark, cool-toned white with a matte finish. It is fairly creamy, slightly thick, and applies with mostly opaque color in a single pass. It layers and builds up well, so you can get a crisp, opaque white. It can be used as a base for your eye shadows as well.

Revlon Luxurious Color Kohl eyeliner in Pure White


Revlon white + pure white
Revlon white + pure white


his shade as the name suggests is totally white. It is absolutely matte and resembles the toothpaste white shade. This liner is highly pigmented and crazily creamy. Just a single swipe is sufficient. So no hassles of pulling and tugging repeatedly Smile The smudger is also smooth and does its job efficiently.

Maybelline liner vivid and smooth liner in Liver


Maybelline vivid smooth liner Liver
The product is really smooth. It has a gel like consistency in a pencil form so it glides easily without irritating the sensitive skin. This white eyeliner has a white sheen to it. It can be applied thinly without much of an effort and it is long wearing too. It stays long on oily lids too, like if you apply it in afternoon it easily lasts till night. When smudged, you can apply it as brow bone highlighter and it gives a good definition to brows as well.

Inglot AMC gel liner 76


Inglot AMC Gel eyeliner shade 74, 73, 80, 81, 76 swatches

This is a gel liner, and if you really like playing with white colored liners and want precise strokes, then this can be a really nice pick. It has a creamy texture, great pigmentation and stays long too.

Have you tried any white eyeliner? What do you feel?

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  1. I first got the eyeconic one but I did not like it cause it was too white so next I got this flesh toned one from Oriflame and totally loving it


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