5 Wiseshe Videos You Must Checkout


5 Wiseshe Videos You Must Checkout

Hello Wiseshe Beauties,

So I hope you had a great Sunday and relaxed a bit to get ready for another week! Here I am with some of the very useful videos from Wiseshe Makeup Channel on Youtube which you might like to checkout in case you missed them previously! 🙂

I have tried to include only day to day use videos with some hair DIYs, makeup hacks, tutorial etc. Hope you like it!

How To Fix Broken Lipstick Tube In 10 Minutes

Since it is extreme summers in most parts of the country,the creamy lipsticks in my stash tend to melt and eventually break when I try to apply so I tried this DIY method to fix broken lipstick in flat ten minutes without using any special equipments. Since lipsticks are so dear to all of us, one cannot easily throw it away just because it broke. Watch the video below to know how you can still fix the broken lipstick tube and continue to use it whenever you wish to!

How To Exfoliate Scalp & Deep Condition Your Hair At Home

A lot of people asked me about how do I maintain my hair length and also the ways in which I keep them healthy and silky soft in spite of using blow dryers & straighteners every now and then! So I did this quick and easy DIY tutorial on how to exfoliate my scalp and deeply condition my hair at home so as to make them healthy and strong  from the roots and also the heat treatments I use don’t do much damage to the natural texture of my hair. This is super easy and won’t take much of you time so do watch it and tell me if it worked for you!

Easiest Hair Pack Recipe For Dry Damaged Hair

This is another hair pack recipe which I swear by mainly to save my hair from the dry climate and damaging effects of using heat treatment appliances like straighteners or curlers. This DIY requires just a few ingredients and that is it for engaging in this hair pack on weekends. The best way to pamper your mane when you don’t have much time left on your hands and still want to go for the home supplies for taking care of your hair and nourishing them to the core!

What Makeup Brushes Should I Buy Or Use

This is yet another really useful video related to the selection of right makeup brushes for doing basic makeup. There are lot of makeup brushes available in the stores these days and it becomes really confusing as to whcih brush is suitable for particular use. So this video guides you to the basic makeup brushes for the eyes and the face which everyone should have to get the flawless makeup face on any given day!

How To Apply Blush : Video Tutorial

This is certainly the need of the hour as there are so many blushes available in stores and everyone wants to try their hands on it as it makes women look more appealing with the right hint of blush of the cheeks giving a natural look! This video great for all those beginners who have recently started trying blush in their makeup routine. So in case you are afraid as to the correct way to use blush, here is a quick tutorial on how to use it perfectly!

Well, these were the videos I wanted to shared with you all! I hope you do try them!

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