5 Wonderful Beauty Benefits of Chamomile Tea


Hi, ladies!

Chamomile tea is one of the most raved teas in the world when it comes to skin and hair care. Chamomile tea is made of dried Chamomile flowers which are rich in antioxidant and miraculous properties. Here I am going to share top 5 benefits of chamomile tea that you must add into your lifestyle. So, shall we begin?


night skincareBye, bye Breakouts!

Don’t we all hate the ugly breakouts? I am sure you always pray to God to spare yourself with this horrible nightmare of being a sensitive skin person.

dry skin care

I always struggle with my skin issues and the breakouts are one of them. Herbals teas like Chamomile is rich in anti-oxidant and has anti-bacterial properties which are ideal in treating skin breakouts in no time!

Hello pretty skin

Tired of hiding your morning sickness with several layers of makeup? Well, I have got a quick and easy solution to get beautiful skin instantly. All you need to apply chamomile tea as a toner or just spay it on your face on regular basis and feel the difference 🙂

No more Redness

Redness of face leads to unevenness and other major skin problem. But, don’t worry ladies! we have got a staple to wipe out the redness of our face. Chamomile tea has anti-allergic and soothing properties and calms down the redness and makes skin even tone and beautiful.

Rescue Dark circles

It’s an old but effective formula to treat the under eye problems. All you need to apply the used chamomile tea bags onto your eyes and overtime of regular usage.

green tea bags for dark circles

it reduces the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and even the most hideous under eye bags which leads to skin ageing.

Cure Minor Scalp Infections

flower hair rinse

Dandruff and scalp build up are most common scalp infections which lead to the buildup that causes hair fall issue.You can use chamomile tea as a final rinse after shampooing your hair. It locks hydration and moisture that balances pH level of your skin like no other.

That’s all folks!


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