5 Worth Trying Hairstyles for Oblong Face Shape


5 Hairstyles for Oblong Face Shape

It’s been almost three months since I got a haircut. My usual haircut is a combination of layers and steps with some long bangs. This time I wanted to go for the ‘real’ bangs so did some search online to find out some flattering bangs for my long-face which borderlines on a heart-shape. I’m sharing what I found out.

On the Fringes:-

Thankfully long-face shapes can pull bangs. We can flaunt both thick blunt bangs or textured side swept bangs. The key lies in getting the length right. Ideally the bangs should cover one-third of the face to balance the length of face. If you love long hair, you can pull them well with bangs framing your oblong face.


Fringes hairstyle for long face


No Poofs

I already knew it as big bouffant does not suit me and make my face look even longer. High hairstyles also add years to long faces. Even Katrina Kaif doesn’t go for them. But if you want to go high, part your hair and add a puff on the crown of your head. Girls with a long-face can also opt for low poufs.


Hairstyles for Oblong Face


The Cutie Pixie

This one is for the lovers of short hair. Nicely done pixie-cut balances the thin face and makes you look younger. It frames the face and highlights the centre of the face.


shorthair for oblong face


The Long Bob

This one is a hot trend thanks to another beauty with long face- Jennifer Aniston. This cut suits long face really well as it makes the face look fuller and balanced. A ‘lob’ skims the collar bones and can transform the complete look.


long bob for oblong face



Good news for curly-haired beauties is that they can make their face look balanced without doing anything to their hair. Curls and waves make the face look fuller naturally. So if you have got the curls, no need to bother just tame the frizz and you are good to go. If the hair is wavy, the girls with long faces can also rock long hair beautifully.


curly hair for oblong face


The basis for a perfect hairstyle for a lovely looking long face is to frame the face. In terms of partings, side-partings look great on oblong-face while a middle parting makes it look only longer. Highlighting the ends of the hair also goes in favour of the long-faced beauties.

So girls! Take your pick and flaunt your perfect face with perfect hair.

Which hair style did you pick to try and flaunt?

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