5 Yoga Poses To Keep Wrinkles Away


Is yoga effective in toning up the face? You will find answers in both positive and negative.

But in reality Yoga helps in relaxing the facial muscles. Making specific facial poses counters the fine lines causing effects of our daily expressions. Our face also needs some workout like the rest of our body and obviously it can’t run on treadmill 😛

So take out 10 minutes and start doing facial yoga and stay away from anti-ageing products for longer. The earlier you start, the better will be the results.

Yoga Pose for Forehead and Brows




yoga to keep wrinkles away

To tone your forehead, you need to look surprised! All I mean is that open your eyes at their widest so that your eyebrows go up. Hold the pose for about 10 seconds and relax. Repeat 4 more times. This pose helps in relaxing the muscles of upper forehead and counteracts the effects of gravity on facial muscles.

Yoga Pose for Laugh Lines




facial yoga
To reduce the appearance of laugh lines, facial yoga is a big help. Simply take a deep breath and puff up your cheeks ( my nephew calls it a ‘hot air balloon’ :P). Keep your lips pursed and hold for about 10 seconds. Exhale, relax and do it 5 times.

Yoga Pose for Sagging Chin and Neck

Kiss the sky to get rid of loose skin. Lift your head and tilt it back. Now pout and make kissing sounds ( do it only when alone;)). You need to inhale through nose and exhale while making kissing sounds ten times. Then relax and repeat twice.

Yoga Pose for Lip Lines


yoga for face
Make fish face (as you do while contouring your cheeks) to reduce fine lines around lips. It will also make your lips fuller. Suck in your cheeks tightly and pucker your lips. For added benefit, try smiling at the same time.

Yoga Pose for Relaxed Muscles


yoga for wrinkles
Simply make your face like that of a hermit. Close your eyes and relax for a minute. This relaxes all muscles of face. It seems simple but it is effective. There is always one or other expression on our faces and this pose neutralizes them.

Did you know about these yoga’s for reducing wrinkle?

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