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I am sucker of natural products when it comes to skincare and we all love lush don’t we, 😉 be it face masks, cleansers, soaps (the list is endless :-P). There is  lot of lush products reviewed here, in this post I have tried to compile my all time favorite 5o lush products reviewed here. :angel:

Lush Herbalism Cleanser Review

I like using this cleanser when my face is  sweating or I am back from a hot day. Cleanser soothes my skin as it has chamomile in it.  It does soothe my skin and makes it appear soft. It doesn’t dry out my skin and my blackheads have reduced after using it. I used the product twice a day and its been one month and half of the product is finished so 100 gm will last two months easily.

Price: Rs 585 for 100 gm, 1170 for 200gm

lush herbalism+lush cleanser+facial cleanser


Lush Jungle Conditioner Review

The idea of using a solid soap as a conditioner sounded a little weird in beginning but when I started using it I found it interesting  It is easy to carry it while traveling and it comes with a plastic case around it which gives a kind of shield to the soap. I first time used it after swimming in salty water and I was really impressed with the soap. It made my hair smooth and detangeled my hair too. It made them soft but I didn’t see any shine in my hair. My hair are getting dry nowadays and I feel this is why it is working a bit for me. It has fruity smell which stays for long

Price: 350 inr



Lush Tea Tree Water Review

It gives very fresh feeling; Helps in minimizing pores,you see the results in few days; Skin doesn’t feel dry or itchy, Controls excess oil; Prevent acne.

Price: Rs. 710 for 250gm



LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub Review

Lush Lip scrub is terribly addictive and I think it was sent from heaven to Lush company   It leaves my lips super soft and silky and peels off all the dead layers from my lips; It takes just one minute to use it; I like the fragrance which is so sweet and minty..yummm!!! I like its cute small jar which I can take along with me whenever I am traveling.

Price : Rs 575 for 25gm

lush mint julips scrub+lip scrub+lush lip scrub

Lush Tiny Hands Review (Hands Serum)

My hands have been severely dry and in awful conditions recently and looking  at my problem my sister gave me a Lush  tiny hand serum on my  birthday.   Tiny hand is a solid hand serum which contains the finest natural ingredients to help working hands. After using the product my hands felt well moisturized and my cuticles and nail started look well too.Unlike most hand creams, it is not sticky and improves the condition of the hand.

Price- Rs 590

Lush Tiny Hands Review


Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub Review

I keep the scrub for 2-3 minutes on my skin and it fantastically cleanse my skin .When I apply it on my face I actually feel that its working on my skin.It might be little harsh for sensitive skin but  it is going to work great for some who one has normal acne free skin. It makes my skin look amazingly healthy.  It smells outstandingly and freaking good and gives that cooling sensation in hot summers  which makes my skin soft and supple.

Price: Rs910 for 12ogm

Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub Review


Lush Love Lettuce Mask Review

Mask has a shelf life of one month and one can use 8-9 mask from one pot.Mask is very mosturizing and doesn’t takes off the natural oil or makes my feel stretchy after exfoliation.Infact it makes my skin smooth , soft and clean.As the mask stays in the fridge all the time it makes my skin feel fresh and that cooling sensation makes me use it more. It helps in removing dull skin and removes tan; Makes skin smooth and refreshing; Gently exfoliate skin; It keeps my skin oil free for whole day.

Price: Rs520 for 100gm

Lush Love Lettuce Mask Review


Lush Dark Angels Cleanser Review

Biggest problem of a oilyskin during summer is the greasy feeling which it gives and most of the time face doesn’t feel clean   Well,  Lush Dark Angels cleanser can be a solution to this problem especially in hot and sweaty weather. Cleanse and exfolaite skin thoroughly; Helps in removing makeup; Exfoliate skin well and brightens up the face; 100 gm of product lasts for three months and it doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge’ Helps in getting rid of the oily feeling; Doesn’t break me out.

Price– INR 700 for 100gm , INR 1400 for 200 gm

lush dark angels cleanser


Lush Glorious Mud Mask Review

Long lasting fragrance; Visibly smoothens the skin, Very moisturizing and don’t require a moisturizer immediately after using this, Helps removing tanning, It lasts for long since one doesn’t need too much during each use.

Price: Rs 500 for 1 block

lush glorious mud mask+body scrub+scrub


Lush Mask of Magnaminty Review

I have been using this lush mask on and off and it is a must have for me during summers.I love masks which has clay in it as they give very fresh and refreshing feeling. Mask has a minty chocolaty fragrance which and when applied stings a bit.I don’t have sensitive skin so no issues with the stinging. Mask relaxes my skin and detoxifies my face. After using this mask I don’t suffer from  blackheads, white heads and dead skin cells. Moreover mask has a shelf life of three months so  I am not in hurry to finish it off .It has clay in it which soaks up oil from my skin without making my skin feeling dry or stretchy.

Price: 550INR for 100gm

lush mask magnamity+lush

Lush Happy Hippy Hair & Body Gel Review

Those who like using strong citrusy fragrance product and needs that extra something to start off their day will love this shower gel. Product is certainly pricey and will last for one and half month if carefully used. If you like body washes which do not leaves a thin film behind and are not very thick or sticky.It’s a great travel friendly product

Price – Rs 340 for 100gms



Lush Snow Cake Soap Review

First of all its moisturizing and doesn’t make my skin feel dry and leaves it soft and pampered. This is one soap from lush which every dry skin person is going to cherish the most. Fragrance of the soap is exactly like of almond pastry and gives that adorable luxurious feeling which I truly love. It lathers decently well (but not amazingly well) and I feel as if I am taking kind of cream bath.

Price -  Rs 345 for 100 gm



Lush Brazened Honey Face Mask Review

It helps immensely in removing off all the dirt , smoothens,  brightens and exfoliate the skin.I particularly like to use it when I remove off my makeup as it makes my skin  feel thoroughly clean without drying it out.Many a times I have skipped my moisturizer after using it and to my surprise it didn’t make my skin feel dry or stretchy. .When I use  toner and moisturiser after using the pack my skin well and I could actually see my face glowing.

Price -  Rs 620 for 100 gm


Lush The Jilted ELF Shower Jelly Review

It’s fun using  jelly soap and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft which almost all lush products do. It has spicy clove and citrusy fragrance which I simply adore although due to its  strong clove fragrance some of you might detest it completely. It has vegan ingredient and Lush has included this tub in their returnable policy.yeyeyye!

Price – INR 470 for 100 gm



LUSH Fresh Farmacy Face Cleanser Review

I wanted to try Lush products  and decided to start from a cleanser.I bought  the Lush Fresh Farmacy Face Cleanser, since I have oily, acne prone skin with small red spots on my cheeks. My face looks brighter and feels very clean after using it. The best thing is it has stopped all my upcoming pimples!

Price- INR 650 for 100grams.



Lush Chilli Tingle Review

I find this more of a  moisturising bright reddish orange glossy lipstick rather than a lip balm. It’s vegan and contains natural essential oils therefore this lip tint kind of give rest to my lips for a day from chemical ingredients of lipsticks  .Tint can be layered up nicely but  it’s too bright and makes me look like a clown therefore I just use a bit of it to give that nice shiny orange tint  to my lips. Staying power of the lip tint is 3 – 4 hours.

Price - 285 INR (It was on 50%  discount on Lush India but not anymore)



Lush Igloo Sugar Scrub Review

I like to use it more on my face then body and it doesn’t dry out my skin. Makes skin smooth and soft without drying it out; Exfolaites well; Decently priced; It lathers a bit which gives a kind of better feeling.

Price: Rs. 340



Lush Sandstone Soap Review

Exfoliation is said to be one of the most important steps in skincare and I will admit I have been obsessed with exfoliation even more than moisturizing my skin! I know its weird, but ever since I discovered the ‘miracle’ of exfoliation I have wanted to try every new product under the sun which does this effectively. Would suit oily skin the most; Exfoliation effect is mild and totally non-abrasive; Doesn’t melt as fast as many other Lush soaps; I LOVE the fragrance! The strong and sharp lemony scent is amazing; Feel very awake and refreshed after using this!

Price: 100gms for 290 inr, 200gms for 580 inr



Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask Review

Super moisturizing; I don’t need to get out my moisturizer until an hour later; Would work very well on sensitive skin and those with dry skin; It works great as an exfoliator too; The grainy particles are not abrasive at all.

Price: 100gms for 450 inr, 200gms for 1100 inr



Lush Vanilla in the Mist Review

I did like this and it did give me a luxurious feel surely. But I would suggest all of you to cut it into really tiny pieces so that the issue of the fading scent can be reduced. Also, this soap does moisturize the skin and does make it soft..but this doesn’t mean that I can skip on my moisturizer. This just means that I have to reach for my lotion about 10-15 later instead of sprinting towards it as soon as my bath is done.

Price: 100gms for 360 inr, 200gms for 720 inr



LUSH T’eo Deodorant reviews

The fragrance zesty and is great to refresh yourself in the mornings. Hasn’t given me any allergies. All natural ingredients. Can be used on the feet as well to drive away the odour. Can be used in the bath by crumbling it. Easily available. Easy to carry around. No animal testing. Really does work. Lasts a long long time.

Price: INR 510


Lush Ultrabland Cleanser Review

I love how quick this is… Seriously girls… After applying this, just a single swipe is enough. I don’t need to rub and rub till my skin goes red.  I just let it sit on my skin for a some time and then easily wipe it off. Easy-peasy! Didn’t break me out. Moisturizes the skin. Apart from removing make up this also removes impurities and dirt from the skins surface quite effectively.

Price: INR840 for 45gms & INR 1370 for 100gms


Lush Flying Fox Shower Gel Review

I LOVE this shower gel… I repeat.. utter, total and unabashed LOVE!! I don’t understand why I never bought it before and will forever be indebted to the lady who was sniffing it when I entered the store without whom I’d have never even looked at it…actually I may have looked!     Its moisturizing and doesn’t dry out the skin. The fragrance is simply amazing. Lathers up fast and a lot! It really does relax the mind and body.

Price: 100gms for INR560, 250gms for INR 1100, 500gms for INR 1990


LUSH Colour Supplement Jackie Oats Review

Jackie Oates is a light, soothing and gentle base for very pale skin types, which are often sensitive and prone to redness. This is really good as a concealor. Just a tiny dot is required for the entire eye area and it doesn’t make me look weird like Celina Jaitley (we all know her concealor faux pas, don’t we?) It melts well into the skin and stays for a long long time.

Price- 20gms for 925 INR


Lush Crash Course In Skin Care Mask Review

This mask has goodness of yogurt which makes me adore it at this time when temperature is quite hot here. The moment I apply it, my skin feels relaxed and soft. I am liking this Lush mask so much that I end up using it almost every day. Lemon juice in the mask gives a bit of brightening effect which is not long lasting though. Texture of the mask is paste like and has lemon and yogurt fragrance. One doesn’t have to wait for too long for the mask to get dry .It gets completely dry with in five minutes.

Price – INR 710 for 100gm


Lush Wiccy Magic Muscles Tension Relieving Spice Massage Bar Review

I kept it near my table and use it on the dry areas of my skin especially the elbows before going off to sleep.It moisturise thoroughly but it takes its own little time in getting absorbed. Coming to the headache or sore muscles.This product certainly helps. I have used it during headache or when my back was paining. It helps in reliveing the pain and in headache the clove kind of relaxes me. If you can ask some one to give you a back massage with it during the muscle pain, it will definitely help. Only thing is, it will relive you from the every day light pain and not the severe ones.

Price – INR 800


Lush Dreamwash Smoothie Review- Sunburn Cure

Perfect for all kinds of skin especially oilies. The fragrance is not strong at all which I prefer since I don’t like the smell of calamine. Perfect for sensitive & problem skin. Soothes the skin well and gets rid of redness and rashes. A really good option for oilies who need a good skin product.Helps combat sunburn. Helps to fade any marks on the skin although it does take time. Can be used for shaving as well. Makes my skin really soft.

Price – 250gms for 1050 INR



LUSH Karma Komba Solid Shampoo Bar Review

This bar actually suits my dry hair and lathers pretty well.I generally shampoo  my hair twice before applying any hair conditioner but with this I don’t feel the need.My hair feel soft and clean .After washing I do feel the need of a conditioner and it goes amazingly well with Jungle conditioner. I have used this soap five times till now and it still looks as shown in the picture above.I didn’t cut it into pieces because the large soap saves time in covering my hair.Soap is easily going to last for four months which justifies its price

Price – 1 piece cost INR 620


Lush I Love Juicy Shampoo Review

I liked this for the reason that it perked up my hair and added a lot of volume to it. Normally my hair never needs extra volume but last winter for the first time ever, my hair got really limp. This pumped my my hair in just 2 washes.  The fragrance is lovely and I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t like it since it isn’t strong in the fruity nor the citrusy smell.  I use this along with Veganese conditioner and both of these together have done a really good job of bringing them back to life.

Price: 100gms for 580 INR, 250gms for 1010 INR, 500gms for 1630 INR


Lush Hair Doctor Scalp Mask Review

This product has no preservative in it and mainly is for cleansing, stimulating, reviving hair moisturizer for mending poorly heads.An ideal product for those who use lot of chemicals in their hair.Initially when I applied it I was worried of washing it off because of presence of fuller earth in it and those who have tried fuller earth mask  must be knowing how difficult it is to take it off.To my surprise it was quite easy to wash all off the mask.

Price – INR 450 FOR 100 gms


Lush Vanishing Cream Review

I have acne prone skin and could never find any moisturizer that suited my skin. This a very light moisturizer that does not feel heavy when applying and gets absorbed very easily and does not make my face oily. A small amount goes a long way and one tub will last months. It has never broken me out nor does it clogs my pores.

Price Rs 2640 for 45 gms


Lush Jasmine And Henna Fluff-Eaze Hair Conditioner Review

It is a pre shampoo hair treatment. You can apply for 20 minutes and then shampoo as usual. It makes your hair silky soft that you will want to keep on touching it. It actually tamed my frizzy hair upto 75% after the first time I used it and with regular use my hair has become very easy to manage in such humid weather. I generally keep it overnight and then wash it off in the morning. The henna in the conditioner does not add any color to your hair.

Price- Rs 1630 for 220 gms



Lush Cosmetic Warrior Mask Review

I tried this mask when I was getting frequent breakouts and after first use, I could notice reduction in redness and swelling. My skin felt so smooth and soft.  I generally apply it for 30 minutes though the SA told me to keep it on for 5-10 minutes and then wash off with warm water. It has ingredients like garlic and tea tree to combat acne. This is best suited for oily/ acne prone skin and I do not recommend this for people with dry skin.

Price- Rs 670 for 100 gms


Lush Enchanted Eye Cream Review

I love using it every day because of the cooling sensation it provides which helps in soothing the under eye area.I now keep the bottle in the fridge to get that extra chilling sensation in this hottest summer of India.It hides puffiness and the ingredients present  in the products are great but sadly it doesn’t do anything for dark circles neither it does it claims to.

Price - Rs1,310 for 45gm.


Lush Grease Lightning Review

I bought this last December and I am on to my 2nd bottle. I use this only on my breakouts and I see a definite reduction in the swelling and redness. It contains all the natural antibacterial ingredients and it can also be used to combat oiliness. I use it only as a spot treatment and do not apply all over my face. If I feel a pimple forming then I apply this and it doesn’t surface. I am happy with this product as I have tried other spot treatment products that did not work. I find this little bit drying but nothing that a moisturizer won’t help.

Price Rs 720 for 45 gms


Lush Imperialis Review

It’s been three weeks since I have been using it and it makes my skin feel hydrated throughout the day.It balance out the dryness and oiliness without giving that greasy feeling which I simply detest especially in summers. It’s a pricey product but I need just 2-3 tiny dots of it to cover up  my entire face and neck. It’s light weight and sinks in in few seconds. One tub will last for two months easily.

Price – INR 1270 for 45gm


Lush Let The Good Times Role Review

Smells amazing; Cheaper than the other lush cleansers; Quite moisturizing for dry skin; Will last for a long time.

Price : Rs 500 for 100gms


Lush Handy Gurugu Review

One needs a very tiny amount and I use this all over my arms and hands. And I’m set for about 3hrs atleast! For my skin in winters, this is an achievement and I imagine the effects would last longer during summers..It’s not the least bit greasy (unless you scoop out a ton of product) and absorbs fast, leaving my skin baby soft..I’m not going to use adjectives like silky, etc coz it doesn’t make my skin silky at all..just moisturized and nourished which is exactly what I want.

Price: INR 890



Lush King of Skin Body Butter Review

Very innovative concept; Easy to use; Very moisturizing; Lasts a decent amount of time; The effects last longer than most body butters around; Makes my skin moisturized and silky to the touch; Fragrance is pleasant; Didn’t break me out and would suit all skin types.

Price: INR 690


Lush Sultana of Soap Review

I like this one a lot! It lathers up decently and feels very creamy on the skin. This creaminess lasts even after the bath for about 30mins or so. There’s no way my skin could feel dry after using this. I love the berry fragrance a lot. A pleasant change from the citrus scents.

 Price: 100gms for 355, 200gms for 710


Lush Ultrabalm Review

I like that this balm isn’t too complicated….not in ingredients nor in usage. Just 3 ingredients make a wonderful multipurpose balm. I’ve used it on my lips, elbows, knees and other dry, chapped areas. I found it to be of utmost help with my dry, thick elbows and knees. In just 5-6days my skin has become baby soft. It’s great to soothe dry areas of my face too like the dry area on my eye lids or my nose. I did use it on my lips but it didn’t seem to do much other than soften the skin. I don’t blame it on this balm though since my chapped lips is a chronic condition I face during winters that goes away only once summers arrive.

Price:  INR 900


Lush Retread Conditioner

Keeps my hair calm and controllable; Has a pleasant, almost organic scent; Makes my hair feel silky even if for a dayWinkOne of the few products which has been able to tame my wild mane; Is not too thick or sticky that its hard to distribute over the hair end or tough to wash out; Available in Lush stores and online as well; Doesn’t leave any residue on my mane; Lush doesn’t test on animals.

Price:  245gms for 1370 inr


Lush Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub Review

Perfect for summers; Smells great; Exfoliates very well; Not too rough; The tub would last a long time.

Price: 300gms for INR 1000


Lush Each Peach Massage Bar Review

I like the intense lemony scent; Not at all greasy; Gets absorbed quickly so I can continue to do whatever tasks I need to; Keeps my skin moisturized for a long time; This is a boon for winters and for those who have very dry & flaky skin; I think it’s absolutely worth the price; Can be used as a massage oil….which is its intent WinkLasts the same time as a normal moisturizer would; One bar would last you 2.5-3months

Price: INR 580


Lush Breath of Fresh Air Review

I like using this at the end of the day once I’m home from work or after some kitchen work (which I hardly do). It instantly refreshes me and picks me up. When I spray this on, it does feel a bit sticky for about 30secs or so..After that there is no stickiness and no residue left over. It gets absorbed into my skin in about 10-15mins. Apart from being refreshing, this is also very very relaxing. I even spray this on after washing my face right before going to bed. I love the fresh, cool feel of it.

Price: INR 800


Lush Snake Oil Scalp Massage Bar Review

Fragrance is so relaxing; Gave me a minor respite from my migraine so I feel it would surely help in cases of headaches; Helps get rid of minor dandruff; Lush doesn’t test on animals.

Price: 530 INR


Lush Moisturizer Skin Drink Review

 It has richness of  sesame and almond oil which keeps my skin soft and supple. It brings slight glow to face and didn’t break me out although it does have parabens in it. If you have combination dry skin then I guess it will solve lot of your winter skin care problem SmileAs far as pricing is concerned I don’t find it expensive because one pot lasts for three months which makes INR 350 per month.

Price – INR 1080 for 45gm


LUSH Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo

I used to hear that beer is very conditioning for hair but never got chance to try it, but as soon as saw this Lush shampoo containing beer (Stout ) I could not control myself from trying it. The first thing that I liked about the product was its smell, it was just wow. And second reason, that it was conditioning shampoo with beer and will give immense shine as my hair type is dry and frizzy which lacks shine.

Price– Rs.470.00

LUSH Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo Review

Lush Lip Scrub Bubblegum Review

It tastes like bubblegum  and most of the time I have to restrain myself from eating it.It exfoliates my lips nicely and can be used every day.I am fond of creamy lipsticks and when ever I feel that my lipstick is settling down on my lips I make use of it and voilla!!! it gives me MLBB feeling.It has castor sugar in it which does it work of exfoliation smoothly.

Price – INR 600


Pheeeewwwwwwww  :sweat:  :drink:  I really hope this list will be helpful to all lush addicts! 😉

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  1. what a compilation awesome pahh :hug-makeup: kool 😎 oooo i’m yet to try one :-)) wish i will get lip scrub and shampoo bars, cleansers soon hehehe 😀 :dance-left-right:

      • I am definitely picking up the Tiny hands serum! My hands get so dry these days. Have to wash my hands every half an hour, like literally scrub for the labour theatre. And of course before handling the babies. so yaa a couple of hundred times in 12 hrs.
        Apart from that I think i am buying mint julips and king of skin body butter. I am confused between king of skin ?:-)

        • I am definitely picking up the Tiny hands serum! My hands get so dry these days. Have to wash my hands every half an hour, like literally scrub for the labour theatre. And of course before handling the babies. so yaa a couple of hundred times in 12 hrs.
          Apart from that I think i am buying mint julips and king of skin body butter. I am confused between king of skin and snap the whip ?:-)

  2. woah…nice post, but not that nice huh…now I will have to rush to the LUSH store.

      • thanks alot sugandha….. :hug-makeup: i am glad d post was helpful for u :-)) u have no idea, doing dis post has been detrimental to my own pocket also 😐 i went yesterday nite online to deir website n added everything i want in d cart ..order button is waiting to be clicked 😛

  3. Awesome compilation riya! My favs r aqua marina , herbAlism,imperialis…
    Have gt a few solid shampoos .. Review coming up soon

    • thankies shweta :-)) :-)) i too luv aqua marina..its perfect my wierd skin who cannt make up its mind to be very oily or combi 😐 😛 waiting for ur reviews :hug-makeup:

  4. after seeing ur post i was totally convienced to shop lush, weekend we went to newyork, acciidently i saw lush store, so we went to buy products( actually my husband is escaping from 1 week, when i said i want to go for shopping), i buyd herbalism, fresh farmacy soap, imperialis moisturiser, american conditioner, cynthia sylvia stout shampoo,… 😀 iam happy with my shopping, but my hubby, thank u tfor encouraging me to shop :hug-makeup: thanks a lot tulips

  5. not only lush, i bght tea tree oil kit, body butters from body shop, some sally hassen nail polishes, coach hand bag and tory burch handbag, my hubby took promise until 2 months, i should’nt shop..lol, i dnt knw i can stand by on it r not. ?:-)

  6. Hi!

    Love your reviews.

    Have you also tried Lush Don’t Look At Me?

    I read it’s very brightening because it contains lemon and rice.

    Would love to read a review of it 🙂


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