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We love doing makeup and using the right tools and techniques makes our makeup look flawless. When I was small I used to paint and had plethora of paint brushes and now makeup brushes. 😀 Makeup is no less than painting, its painting our face with soft strokes of brush be it face, eyes or lips. Brushes are integral part of doing flawless makeup, so here I have compiled 50 makeup brushes reviewed here. :angel:

Ambika Pillai Blush Brush Review

The bristles are synthetic and really soft albeit not fluffy. Not at all rough or abrasive. What I love about this brush is the shape. The bristles rounded and fits right into my cheek area. Hence,there is no risk of getting the blush color all over the place. Blending is easy with this brush as well and I can blend out any harsh lines.

Price: INR 500


Ambika Pillai Contour Brush Review

The bristles are synthetic and gathered together with an angle tip which makes it easy to contour. The handle is a long and chubby and easy to control. That’s what I like best about this brush. It’s easy to hold this brush and angle it correctly. And it blends and buff well too without any problem. Usually brushes with such gathered bristles are not that great for blending but this does the job very well.

Price: INR 500


Coastal Scents Angle Natural Brush Review

The bristles are what truly sets it apart from the AP one I’d been using before. They are closely packed and yet fluffy enough to diffuse the contour color. It’s easy to apply blush with this as well although I still prefer round brushes for that. This brush is something I would recommend to all girls learning makeup and contouring especially.

Price: $2.48


Body Shop mini brush kit Review

It has super soft brushes which are easy to use. The best thing is if you are a newbie in make up you can try this out. It has the four most important frequently needed brushes. I have washed them three times and still they are in their original self. It also has an inbuilt mirror and when ever I  am going some where  it helps me  out.

Price: 600 INR


Sigma Tapered Blending E40 Brush Review

It’s a versatile brush .Can be used for spot concealing, applying highlighter and in crease (only those who have big eyes). Blends beautifully, be it concealer or eyeshadow it does it job of blending with perfection.

Price –  $12


MAC #187 Duo Fiber Stippling Brush Review

Using this brush gives you a more natural/airbrushed finish. It gives you a no makeup look and never looks cakey if applied properly. It doesn’t bleed and bristles are soft. Can also be used for applying cream or liquid blushers.

Price: Rs 2550/-


Coastal Scents Pink Kabuki Brush Review

Hot pink bristles with metallic pink handle…. super-cute!  Bristles are incredibly soft and are in no way abrasive; Bristles are densely packed but splay just enough  diffuse powder; Handle is of the perfect width, made of lightweight metal and is easy to hold and use; Picks up the right amount of powder and distributes it evenly, delivering sheer coverage; Can be used to remove excess powder from the face; Dome-shaped head makes it easy to reach the contours of the face; Bristles are synthetic and not made from animal hair; Although the bristles are fuschia pink in color, they do not bleed at all; Does not shed and is easy to wash; Retains its shape even after repeated washes; Reasonably priced.

Price: $4.99 (plus extra shipping charges)


Coastal Scents Classic Blush Brush Large Review

This is an amazing brush for blush lovers. Despite being so large, it doesn’t get the blush all over the cheek like I expected initialy. It’s quite precise and helps blend easily. I doesn’t take me much time to diffuse the color at all.

Price: $3.48


CS Natural Brow brush & the Classic Blender Pointed Brush Review

Coastal Scents Classic Natural Brow Brush

First and foremost, I didn’t buy this to be used on my brows. I picked up this one so that I could apply eyehsadow precisely on my lashlines. I know most of you use the pointed eye brushes which work better but I’m such a klutz that 9 outta 10 times it turns out to be a thick mess. You can see in the pics how tiny the bristles are; they are super firm as well without being rough and so a great job of distributing color evenly and orderly.

Price: $3.95

Coastal Scents Classic Blender Pointed Brush (Natural)

This is perfect for precise crease work when I want to create one of those cut-creases on my lids. And unlike some fluffy crease brushes which distribute color all over the crease and above, this one keeps the color within the boundary you set.

Price: $2.95


Sigma Large Fluff E50 Review

It’s a big brush and my hands reaches for it first when I am in hurry. Just two swipes of this brush all over my eye lids and I am set to go; It softens out any of the harsh line  and soften the edges of eye makeup and for highlighting the brow bone area from the crease.It’s just super simple with this brush; I use it to contour my nose area; Use it as a  highlighter on my cheek bones; Applying and blending out concealer; Helps in removing off the glitter or fall out.

Price – $12


Shiseido’s Foundation Brush Review

The Shiseido foundation brush is a high quality brush which is going to last for a long time.  It is a one stop brush that can be used with all formulations – liquid, cream or powder. The density of the hair helps pick up enough product each time thus giving a flawless and streakless application. When used the right way my ‘cream-in-a-compact foundation‘ spreads easily and flawlessly in spite of its creamy texture.  Areas where large pores are visible like the cheeks will be greatly reduced.

Price: Rs. 1950


Sigma E70 Review

Sigma E70 is a perfect brush for those who are fond of  applying highlighter on to their brow bone or want precise eyeshadow application in their crease.This brush makes crease application a breeze. Brush fits my crease fantastically and picks up the right amount of the eyeshadow. .Best thing is the way it blends out the colour .With Sigma E70 brush you won’t be left with any kind of harsh lines, only thing which I wish in it was that it could have been little more fluffier than what it is .

Price – $10



Sigma Lip Brush L05 Review

Perfect product to carry while traveling; Soft bristles which dries quickly; One can use it with the handle or without it for lipstick application.

Price – $10


Body Shop Line Softener Brush

You can have two minutes smokey eyes easily with this brush. Just apply the eyeliner on your upper lash line and start smudging and stretch it till the crease.Dab some eye shadow over the eyeliner  if you want to otherwise leave it as it is. Make sure your application is darkest on the upper lash line and then fades slowly till the crease.

Price: Rs 325

Body Shop Line Softener Brush

Sigma Mrs. Bunny Travel Brush Kit Review

Super cute!  Sturdy, travel-friendly case; Case doubles up as brush holder (or even eye pencil/mascara holder   ) Holder has extra space to accommodate more brushes. Yes, your F80 will fit in here too; Handles are of comfortable length (unlike some travel-size brushes that are too short and stubby); Not a SINGLE useless brush! (No crappy sponge-tip applicators or lash combs  ) All brushes are dense, very soft and do not irritate skin; Easy to wash and they dry faster than natural-hair bristles; No shedding, no bleeding and no staining of fibers; Bristles retain their shape after repeated washes; Brushes are very well made and are of great quality. No wobbly handles and no unevenly-cut bristles; Vegan. Made of synthetic HD filament and not animal hair;Since they are synthetic, there is less absorption into the fibers and can be used with powder, cream as well as liquid products.

Price: It was previously $59. Now it’s $65 (exclusive of shipping)!


MAC 190 Foundation Brush Review

With the help of this brush I am able to apply my foundation evenly and get an airbrushed finish but it takes a long time in blending everything out. I almost have to spend ten – fifteen minutes in covering all my face and then every time when I use it, I have to wash it . Albeit, this brush does make a difference in the application of makeup and I require less product and it blends everything out easily. MAC 190 has rounded edges and is quite a strong firm brush which is great to be used if you are fond of liquid and cream foundations.Also, if you are a full coverage person.

Price – INR 1600


Faces Foundation And Concealer Brush Review

The brush has a comfortable grip which is quite easily manipulated by your strokes. The density of the bristles is quite high, with virtually no bristle falling off. Also, the foundation end of the brush is great if you want to blend in face powder and can be used as a highlighter brush. I have often used it as a light brush over my cheeks to apply powder blush with a light hand and it has proved itself there. The application is quite smooth and even. It picks up the foundation mostly evenly, and gives good coverage.

Price: 159/-


Ecotools Bamboo 6 Piece Eye Brush Set Review

Eco friendly; Decently priced; Soft and smooth bristles.These are softer than Sigma brushes  Travel friendly and comes with a cosmetics case so these brushes do not get misplaced.

Price: around INR 1100


Kryolan Premium Lining Brush 9502 Review

To start with it is a very good brush; the bristles are soft  on your eyelids. It doesn’t bleed, shed. It has optimum bristles that gives me a perfect crisp line every time. I have absolutely no complaints.

Price:  350 INR


Sigma Eye Shading E55 Review

Dome shape brush and blends out shade beautifully; Less expensive then MAC 239 which is considered to be its dupe; Its soft; Doesn’t shed; Pick up the right amount of the eyeshadow and reaches every corner of the eyelid.

Price - $10.00


The Body Shop Blusher Brush Review

Bristles are extremely soft and this brush is a treat to use on the face…feels like pure silk! Handle is of medium  length being neither too short nor too long and the matte-black tone looks classy and attractive; This brush is great for highlighting and contouring; Blends cream blushes with ease since the bristles are not made of natural hair and do not absorb too much product.

Price: Around INR 600


MAC 138 Tapered Face Brush Review

This brush is amazing. I have no qualms in saying that this is probably one of the best brushes in my kitty. I have used it for contouring, highlighting, applying blush and even cream contouring and it does it all with aplomb! Its tapered bristles makes application so precise that it leaves hardly any room for errors. No need to worry about getting the color in the wrong areas. And this is soooo soft!

Price: INR 3300


Colorbar Pro Duo Fibre Brush Review

The bristles are extremely soft and feel so good on the face. The black bristles of the brush are shorter than the white bristles. The bristles are very dense. Honestly, I love to use this brush for applying my insanely pigmented bright blushes and for a wash of highlighter all over my face for a dewy look. I use it more for this purpose than for foundation application.

Price: Rs.1000



Claire’s Cosmetics 5 Piece Brush Set Review

Soft bristles. Very affordable. Comes with brush holder case. Travel-friendly.

Price: Rs. 800


Sigma Angled Top Kabuki F84 Brush Review

Sigma F84 is more of a versatile brush because of it shape.If I have been able to capture the picture correctly you can see the angled shape of the brush which makes contouring and applying blush so easy.  As these are made of  synthetic bristles are soft and easy to clean. I tried to use cream blush with this one and was surprised to see that the bristles didn’t soak much of the products. Infact this is one of the best brush which I have used for cream blushes.

Price:  $18 (exclusive of shipping charges)

Sigma Angled Top Kabuki F84 Brush Review

Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush Set Review

Comes with a roll up case; Excellent quality; Some of the brushes such as Powder buffer and round powder are good in quality and are used the most;  Eye brushes such as large shadow, blender, dome blender are quite helpful in eye makeup; No shedding; All the possible brushes are available; Multipurpose and extra brushes included; A re purchase material; Affordable.

Price – $ 34.95


MAC 239 Eyeshader Brush Review

Bristles are quite strong and one should wash them with care to prevent any kind of flyaway’s.Handle of the brush is long and convenient for both  who use it on themselves or on others. One can make use of two eye shadows in a go by using each side of the brush  and remember always  pat the eyeshadow while applying it on the lids  for  better application.

Price – INR 1600


Kryolan Premium Foundation Brush 9930 Review

Very easy to use; Bristles are soft and sturdy; Easy to apply on smaller areas; Gives a flawless finish; Good for building coverage; No shedding.

Price: Rs 900/-


Sigma Precision Tapered P86 Brush Review

I have washed this brush twice and have experienced no shedding even on first wash. Brush is quite dense and can be used with dry as well as liquid products. Pointed tip helps in concealing the lip area after applying lipstick especially for that clean finish after using darker shades.Synthetic bristles of this brush are super soft and will last for long long time.

Price $14 excluding shipping


MAC 226 Small Tapered Blending Brush

Doing crease work is so easy with this one especially for people like me who have deep crease infact even those who have small eyelids will find it great for blending. It has this pointed top and therefore chances of muddy blending are very less. I also like to use it on my outer “V” and length of the brush is just perfect to work on yourself or any one else.

Price – INR 1500


MAC 219 Pencil Brush Review 

Life would have been incomplete without MAC 219 brush for sure. Those who have it and are fond of giving definition to eye shape or precise work will agree with me on this. Working in small areas, smudging or blending this brush does it all  A brush with soft and dense bristles which doesn’t shed and neither do its bristles loosen up after repeated washing.

Price– INR 1650


Bare Escentuals Face Shaping ‘V’ Brush Review

Its like a 2-in-1 brush; Travel size and easy to store; Bristles are densely packed; Handle is sturdy and light making it easy to use; Picks up just the right amount of color; Has multiple uses

Price: $15


Ecotools Retractable Kabuki Brush Review

A great brush for those who travel a lot. Can be used to apply multiple types of products: blush/ bronzers. Made from recycled and sustainable materials and is still not at all heavy.Cruelty-Free Bristles. Doesn’t soak up products and waste them. Pocket friendly. Doesn’t bleed or shed excessively. Easy to wash and clean. Looks sleek and classy. Reusable pouch

Price: Approx. $8


Sigma Small Eyeliner Brush E10 Review

Bristles of the brush are soft but firm to give precise application.It’s a great brush to have for those  who find eyeliner application a challenge.This brush gives firm hold and because of which one gets a nice clean line with in one sweep.I have washed it two-three times and while cleaning it the bristles don’t fray easily infact its quite  firm.

Price – $10 excluding shipping


Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Top Multipurpose Brush Review

This Flat Top Multipurpose Brush is a synthetic fiber brush with relatively short bristles which are very silky soft to the touch. The bristles are very dense and sturdy, and because of the small size – it is ideal for applying foundation and working it into small areas. This brush is one of the softest brushes I’ve used. It applies the product like a dream and leaves a perfect finish on my face. After multiple washings the brush is still perfectly in tact and just as soft as when I bought it.

Price: $14


Bourjois Powder Kabuki Review

Easy to use; Looks sooooo cute! Easy to clean; Distributes the powder properly; I use it for bronzer as well.; Soft bristles although firm; Negligible bleeding or shedding.

Price: INR550


Konad Foundation Brush Review

Good for beginners who want to use a brush for foundation; Handle is quite easy to use; Don’t shed or bleed (atleast mine didn’t); Doesn’t soak in too much product; Can be used for concealor too; The shape of the brush makes it easy to get into the inner eye area and around the nose and blend which is tough to do with other rounded brushes.

Price: INR 410


Sigma F88 Flat Angled Kabuki Brush Review

Sturdy, chubby, heavy, wooden handle of medium length that is comfortable to hold. Vegan. Bristles are made of synthetic Sigmax filament which means there is less absorption of product into the fibers. Bristles are densely packed and do not splay about. Makes foundation application a breeze! Gives a smooth, non-streaky, air-brushed finish with minimal effort  The angled top makes it easy to apply foundation on hard-to-reach areas of the face like under the eyes, sides of the nose, around the mouth and hairline. You can stipple, buff and blend with this brush.

Price:  $18 (exclusive of shipping charges)


Faces Canada Powder Brush Review

I must say, I was not expecting this brush to be so classy to look at, but it is. Sturdy and black, with a long black handle. The bristles are super soft and not scratchy on my skin at all, so yes, I love that part. It easily picks up powder and distributes it evenly over my skin. Minimal shedding.

Price: 499/-


Sigma F82 Round Top Kabuki Brush Review

Brush has soft bristles which are dense and do not move around much.I have been using it to apply liquid foundation mostly but one of my friend like to use it to apply cream blush as well. Handle of the brush is not very big when compared to most MAC brushes and I prefer it that way only. Small handles gives more hold to the brush. Sigma F82 is completely round and has a flat top which makes the tapping of the brush easier when applying liquid  foundation.

Price– $16

Sigma F82 Round Top Kabuki Brush Review

Colorbar Smudger Brush Smokin’ Eyes Review

The brush is reddish orange!!!! Right size and compact so apt for travel; Reasonable; The bright color of the brush does not bleed at all. Not even after washing everyday; Brush does not shed on washing; A good alternative to MAC 219 pencil brush which is regarded as a must have brush.; Can be used of blending eyeshadow into eyeliner, inner corner and outer corner detailing

Price: Rs.250


Sigma f80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush Review

Sigma F80 is an heavy brush which has dense bristles and they are so soft that that since the day I have got it I have not applied my foundation without  it . It blends the whole foundation and gives even toned finish to it. One thing which I noticed while using F80 foundation brush than it gives sheer coverage than a normal foundation brush  but it  buffs liquid foundation like a dream.

Price: $16

Sigma f80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush Review

Body Shop Lipstick & Concealer Brush Review

I prefer a little bigger brush for concealing than this one but that depends upon individual choice.If used for concealing it does takes more time albeit it  works nicely for spot or blemish concealing. I use it when ever I am wearing dark shades and fear of bleeding of the lipstick is there.It is a must have brush when I wear red lipstick and it works equally well for lining lips. I have used it as an eyeshadow brush also or taking out cream blushes and apply in dots

Price –Rs 345

Body Shop Lipstick & Concealer Brush Review

Vega Makeup Brush Set Review

Decently priced. Suitable for a makeup novice! When you are beginner you are pretty much not sure which brand of brushes to try, these brushes are suitable for practice before you reach for the high end brands. None of the brushes are scratchy or irritate my skin but that’s just my opinion. The blush brush can be used to apply loose powder too; it works as a dual purpose brush for me. Easily available at beauty stores. Doesn’t shed much hair, just a few strands! The brushes look very pretty; they have this golden colored casing on the top that makes them look beautiful. Can be easily carried in a bag when travelling, doesn’t occupy much space.

Price- Rs.185 INR

vega makeup brushes set

Colorbar ‘KeepBlushing’ Blush Brush Review

Cute color; Does not shed; Color does not bleed. Bristles are quite scratchy. 😥

Price: Rs.475


24 PCS Makeup Brush Cosmetic Brushes Set From Buyincoins.com Review

Most of them are soft and blending with them was not difficult too and are of average and usable. Perfect for beginners without burning whole in pocket. 😀

Price:Rs 500


3 Vega Makeup (Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Eye Groomer Brush)Brushes Review

Vega Powder Brush

My compact is the only powder I use and hence I put this to use only for it. It helps me in applying my compact lightly and evenly. The bristles are soft enough and not scratchy. I am guessing it would be nice to use with loose powders too.


Vega Blush Brush

I am new to blush application and I think this brush makes it even easier. Doesn’t pick up too much of the product and helps in a smooth and even application. It is not scratchy at all.


Vega  Eye Groomer Brush 

It does a neat job in grooming the eyes. I use it along with Vaseline when I don’t want to apply mascara and it grooms the lashes just like I have applied mascara.


Vega makeup Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Eye Groomer Brush Review

Phewwwwwww….. :sweat: :drink: I really hope this list be helpful to all makeup enthusiasts. :angel:


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