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Don’t we all love NYX!!!!!! 😀 Wiseshe has plethora of nyx products reviewed… its liked nyx treasure island :heart: so in this post I have tried (the list is so extensive :angel:) to compile my 50 favorite NYX products reviewed here. :-))

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3 NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Addis Adaba, Amsterdam & San Paulo Review & Swatches

They soft creamy texture and when applied with the sponge applicator it covers pigmentation easily and transformed itself into a matte shade. It’s opaque and covers heaviest of lip pigmentation. It easily stays for 5-6 hours.

Price – INR 563 and $6 on cherry culture

Swatches Of San Paulo, Addis Adaba & Amsterdam


18 NYX Slide On Pencil Review and Swatches

They have amazing range of colors, well pigmented, easily glides no tugging and stays put for long time and doesn’t smudge.

Price: INR 475



NYX Mood Lip Gloss Review & Swatches

If you want everyone to believe that you have juicy pink lips ;-) and its only you who know the truth  of your heavily pigmented lips with no resemblance of shade pink what so ever then try NYX mood lip gloss. NYX mood lip gloss is the first transparent lip gloss which I can actually wear without worrying about my lip pigmentation. The best part is the staying power of the lip gloss,once the glossiness disappears my lips looks naturally pink for 3-4 hours .

Price- INR 440 and $3.99 on cherry culture


NYX Blush Dessert Rose Powder Blush Review, Swatches

I love the way it gives me healthy pink flush which seems as if coming from inside. The staying power is awesome it easily stays 5-6 hrs and then fades gradually in a nice tint. I think it would suit all skin tones and for medium to dusky skin tone like mine it’s perfect for getting those rosy cheeks. :blush:

Price: INR 520 and $6 on cherry culture



NYX Black Label Lipstick Beauty Queen Review, Swatch

Beauty Queen is a hot pink shade with cool undertones. Lipstick is nicely pigmented and the shade can be build up.Texture of the lipstick is smooth and they glide like a dream. Finish of the lipstick is glossy and they are light weight and ya!  these don’t settle down in your lips. Nicely moisturised and non drying, they will be loved by girls who have extremely dry lips.

Price– $6 on cherry culture, varies from 600 t0 700 inr in Indian sites




NYX 10 Colors Eyeshadow Palette Smokey Eyes Review,Swatches

This eye palette consists of matte shades as well as metallic shades. 3-4 shades looks almost similar to one other. The grays in this palette are actually soft and easy to blend but do have some fall out. Again, the grays in this palette are decently pigmented whereas the browns and the blacks are low in pigmentation part. With eye base, they do good.

Price– 9$



NYX Megashine Lipgloss Ice Princess Review,Swatches

What I like about NYX Megashine Lip Gloss in Ice Princess: 

  • I love the easy to use applicator.
  • Its non-sticky which is the biggest pro for me.
  • This shade would suit a majority of gals..there’s no scope of not suiting since there’s barely a hint of color! Wink
  • They have a huuge variety of shades in this range to choose from!

Price:$5.50 or 475 INR



NYX Rouge Cream Blush Glow Review

Fantastic Pigmentation. Just a tiny bit is enough,It’s creamy & blends really well, Texture is superbly creamy and easy to spread, Good staying power.

Price: 650 INR / $6.50

NYX-cream blush glow


NYX Tinted Lip Spa Jewel Review & Swatches

It’s a glossy matte coral shade. These are moisturizing beause of the presence of vitamin E in it and very smooth too.What I love the most is the minty sensation which it gives makes me feel so refreshing.

Price -$5 in NYX  website and $4.50 on cherryulture.com



7 NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils Swatches

NYX jumbo pencils have always been a rage among makeup lovers because of their versatility as they can be used as eyeliner, eyeshadow or as eyeshadow base. They are really creamy, easy to blend and glide smoothly. 🙂

Price- 350 to 425 INR on Indian sites

nyx jumbo eye pencils+nyx eye pencils swatches & review


NYX Round Lipstick Minimalism Review & Swatches

A very flattering shade (an apricot pink with a blue undertone) unlike most of the shades in this range which wash our Indian skin-tones, Good coverage, Creamy texture, Doesn’t dry out my lips at all.

Price: $4 or 400INR



NYX Contour & Highlight Powder Review & Swatches

The contour powder is totally matte and the highlighter has a pearl finish which is exactly what’s needed in a contouring kit, Will suit all skintones. Will actually suit dusky skin tones much better, The contour powder is very easy to blend and buff out, Perfect for long wear since the staying power is amazing, A lovely soft powder to work with!

Price:  9$



NYX Copper Rust Bronze Trio Review, Swatches

Pretty bridal combination, Smooth texture and highly pigmented, Good staying power, Shimmery but texture is not chunky.

Price– 650 INR



Nyx Brush On Gloss Silver Plum Review & Swatches

This is a sort of semi-opaque plum color lipgloss with golden very tiny shimmers.  The lip gloss lasts me about 3 hours and is quite hydrating.

Price: INR 300



NYX 913 Sapphire Eyeliner Review, Swatches

It’s a matte royal blue shade which is not overly bright .It goes well with most eyeshadows also. Its creamy, nicely pigmented and works well on both upper as well as lower lashline. Good staying power and can be used as base for smoky eyes.

Price- INR 300 or $ 3.50



NYX Cream Blush Tea Rose Review & Swatches

Tea rose is a very natural peach shade, on the border of Pink and Brown. The pigmentation is really good and the texture is quite creamy. Easy to blend & gives a natural glow to the face.

Price: $ 6.50



NYX Single Eyeshadow Rust Photos & Swatches

A beautiful cranberry shade which  looks quite red in the pan but  its more on the pink side. Its highly pigmented and shade will suit most eye colour. This  is considered as MAC Cranberry dupe and has velvety  smooth texture.

Price – Rs 475

NYX Single Eyeshadow Rust Photos & Swatches+NYX single eyeshadow+eyeshadow


Nyx Body Bronzer Daydream Of Kauai Review & Swatches

It looks very natural, It’s great for contouring the face; gives an amazing look, You get a lot of product! Will last really long, The puff provided with it is of a very good quality, The color is build-able.

Price: Rs 800



NYX Eyeshadow Base Review

The skin tone color will suit all Indian skin tones. Its neither too dark, nor too light, It is quite affordable., Obviously, it does its job well. It intensifies the eye shadow colors and makes them last long!, A little goes a long way, I like the texture, its creamy and blends easily.

Price– 400 INR



NYX Round Lip Gloss Strawberry Photos & Swatches

It’s a sheer peachy pink lip gloss and is going to look its best on coral or pink lipsticks.

Price -Rs 420 in India & $4.15 on cherry culture

nyx round lip glosses strawberry+lip glosses


Nyx Long Pencil Eye LPE 09 VERT Review , Swatch

 NYX Long Pencil Eye – LPE 09 VERT. It’s a moss green color with silvery sheen on it. It glides smoothly on the skin. Is very very long so will last you long. Comes with a sharpener cap.

Price– $1.99





NYX Powder Blush in Pinched: Review, Swatches

The shade is a light, fresh peachy-pink with a golden sheen. The shimmer is minute and non-abrasive. Gives a fresh and natural look.

Price- 650 INR




NYX Studio Liquid Eyeliner Extreme Gold : Swatches & Photos

It ‘s gold shade with a hint of bronze in it. Eyeliner is runny in consistency and gets dry with in few seconds.

Price – $3.75



NYX Black Label Lipstick Volcano: Swatches & Review

This shade is a sheer coral red with strong gold undertones. It does have a tiny bit of shimmer as well. This is a sheer coverage lippy and not opaque. The lipstick is very smooth and silky and gives a glossy finish. The shimmers in it are not chunky.





NYX No 104 Orchid Nail Paint Review & Notd

This one is a light pink shade and is bit  runny so I had to be careful while applying it and is sheer too so one definitely needs two coats of it.   Also, the shade dries fast and these are avilable in 150 shades! Thats just mindblowing! Isn’t?

Price-200 INR



NYX Lip liner Pencil 852 Pumpkin Review & Swatches

The shade is mixture of orange and coral with a very little golden sheen to it. The texture of the lip liner is smooth. It can be used to line on the lips and can also be filled which gives a beautiful matte shade and the staying power is superb.

Price: Rs 250/-



NYX Powder Blush In Peach Review

The blush in named Peach but there is nothing peach about it. Its matte pink which has warm undertones. So in short, don’t go buying this if you are looking for a peach blush. But, if you want a warm pink blush, this might be the one for you. In my opinion, it is a universally flattering colour.

Price- 550 INR




NYX Matte Lipstick Merlot Review & Swatches

Merlot is pink based red shade  kind of a Raspberry red colour. It’s great for pigmented lips.  Being matte, they are definitely not moisturizing but neither do they make my lips dry and chapped even after long hours of stay.  It has amazing staying power of seven to eight hours and can survive many meals.

Price  – $6




NYX Auto Eye pencil Copper And ELectric Blue Review

Beautiful electric blue and copper shade, Cheap cost, Nice variety of shades, Retractable eyeliner so no need of sharpening, Wide variety of shade to choose from, Copper is a must have shade, Copper has creamy texture,

Price – Rs. 175




NYX Black Label Lipstick Pumpkin Pie Photos & Swatches

 It’s a creamy orangy coral shade which has a bit of gold shine to it. These are creamy but they don’t melt like the round one and are amazingly pigmented.

Price – $6




NYX Trio Shimmer,Peach & Copper Review & Swatches

Smooth texture, Very good combination of colors, Many variants of color combination, Suits all Indian skin tone, Good staying power, Shimmery colors.

Price: Rs. 650



NYX Cream Blush 07 Red cheeks:-

One needs just a tiny dab of this cream blush otherwise chances of ending up looking like a clown is quite high.One just has to touch the blush with your finger or q-tip and apply it on your cheeks like the way we usually do.It’s really creamy , soft and smooth and requires a bit of blending.
What you can see in the below pictures is more than enough to get the natural rosy flush.

Price– 650 INR




NYX Round Lipstick Milan Review & Swatches

This shade is very similar to MAC Cosmo, the only difference being that this is a bit more pink. No shimmer at all and with their trademark silky feel, this shade is a real winner. It is heavily pigmented.  The lipstick is very creamy and smooth and glides on easily.

Price: $4 or 400INR



Nyx Slim Eye Pencil in Teal: Swatch, Review

Its a light milky green shade which is totally matte. This liner is decently pigmented but not super creamy.  Its very long staying and will be there on your lids even when you return home after 6-7hrs of work.

Price:INR 300 or $ 3.50




NYX Mosaic Powder Blush Love Review, Swatches

As visible, this is a combination of 5 shades all of which happen to be hues of coral. The shades go from the lightest coral to a deep orange to a rusty orange which comes together as an amazing coral blush which is bound to sweep you off your feet. The darkest shade can even be used for contouring and the lightest for highlighting as one may desire. It even as some golden shimmer particles but they are quite subtle so there’s no need to fear this shade at all.

Price: INR900  or $8



NYX For Your Eyes Only Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches(For Eye Color Brown)

This palette has a good mix of neutral and some bright colours. This does not look very flattering in the palette but all the shades can be used for daily wear. Except the brown shade in the bottom row all the shades have some shimmer in it but it is not very chunky and glittery. The fourth shade in the top row makes a good highlighter shade.

Price- Rs 600/- including shipping




NYX Cup Cake Gloss Review

The cupcake glosses by NYX are one of the cutest and tiniest makeup products that I own. The formula of these glosses is like a balm, they simply do not feel like a gloss, they actually are Balms (for me).

Price: $6.99 (INR 390 approx.)



NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Diva: Review, Swatches

This looks like a dark maroon in the pan but on my skin, it looks like a nice bright red blush. The blush is really thick and creamy, it’s not difficult to blend though. This is a highly pigmented blush and stays about 6-7 hrs

Price:  650 INR / $6.50




NYX Round Lipgloss 06 Mauve Review & Swatches

A beautiful warm pinkish mauve lip gloss from NYX is one of my favorite lip gloss nowadays.It works on most of the lip colours be it pink or nude which makes me adore it more only thing which irritates me about NYX round lip gloss is the funny fragrance.It has this candy fragrance which might be strong for few but if you can ignore it then you might enjoy it almost every day.

Price -Rs 420 in India & $4.15 on cherry culture



Nyx Slim Eye Pencil in Emerald City: Review & Swatches

This shade can be best described as a dark forest green shade. Its a lovely deep shade and does have a hint of teal which gives it that extra oomph. It comes off as a matte shade without any shimmer. This liner is highly pigmented and one doesn’t need to press hard to get the color on your lids.

Price:INR 300 or $ 3.50



Nyx Powder Blush Taupe Review & Swatches

It’s a powder blush in reddish brown color.  It’s more like a bronzer than a blush and is great for contouring. It would be a great alternative to Benefit Hoola. Also this color is very natural because of its reddish tint which blends well into your blush.

Price- 650 INR



NYX Round Lipstick Fig Review & Swatches

Fig is a very beautiful everyday pink shade that has warm undertones. it is nothing too loud or bright and  is  soft and subtle. It looks great on fair skin girls and  staying power is 2.5 hrs. Its has become my everyday pink and I m totally loving it. A must buy according to me.

Price: 4 $ on cherryculture



NYX Champagne Eyeshadow Photos & Swatches

This is a soft peachy beige shade. It can be used as highlighter on the brow bone area or the inner corner of eyes.It can be used as an every day neutral colour with any colored eyeliner.

Price $5.50

NYX Champagne Eyeshadow Photos & Swatches+nyx eyeshadow



NYX Lip Lacquer Pot in Coralicious:Review, Swatches

This shade is true to its name and is a true orange coral shade. It doesn’t have any shine or shimmer, yet has a nice glossy finish which all of us prefer. Its bit sticky but additionally, this is very moisturizing which is a plus point which cannot be ignored. This gloss is highly pigmented and gives full coverage.

Price: $5.50 or 525 INR




NYX Studio Eyeliners Extreme Purple & Extreme Blue Review

Beautiful shades true to its name. Good pigmentation and staying power is good too. Wide range of shades.

Price: $4.50



NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder Review

What I like about NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

Affordable; Case is travel friendly; Pigmentation is good; Wax doesn’t feel heavy; Looks natural.

Price- $6




Nyx Round Lipstick 545 Hero Review and Swatches

Hero is a gorgeous shade of bluish red with slight brown undertones. Super pigmented, super creamy and very hydrating for my lips. The colour is gorgeous and stays on for 3-4 hours.

Price– 400 INR



NYX Cream Blush Hot Pink Review and Swatch

It’s a super creamy and smooth cream based blush in almost neon pink. If applied right can give a beautiful tint of pink to the cheeks. Ideal for summers for the nice sun kissed look and to go with the flowery bright color. It also works well for winter by bringing in a dash of bright color to the boring monochromes outside.

Price- 650 INR



NYX 923 Copper Slim Eye Pencil Review and Swatches

A Copperish red with slight  gold undertone. This eyeliner can be used as an eyeshadow also because of its long staying power. It glides smoothly and doesnt smudge

Price – INR 235 in India and $3.5 abroad



NYX Megashine Lipgloss Chandelier Review & Swatches

Chandelier looks very bright pink in the tube. But the swatch will let you know that it is not so bright as it seems. This shade has silver shimmers. It stays for about 2 hours on my lips when used alone. The consistency of this gloss is thin and feels light on the lips. There is no stickiness on the lips.

Price:$5.50 or 475 INR



Phew!I hope this post is going to be helpful for many Nyx enthusiast here.


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