51 Inglot Lipstick Shades & Swatches


51 Inglot Lipstick Shades & Swatches

In my last post you got to see the swatches of 27 Inglot Sleek Lipgloss swatches and now its turn of Inglot Lipstick

This is what Inglot says about Inglot lipsticks:-

Matte moisturising formula with Vitamin E,
avocado oil, macadamia oil.

Solid and elegant metal case.



4.5 g/0.16 US OZ


Inglot lipsticks are hydrating and creamy.They are long lasting and are available in 100s of shades.We will be covering them all and this post will have 3-4 parts .So keep glued to the space 🙂


Inglot Lipstick shades 189, 143, 239, 139, 125 Swatches:-


must have inglot lipstick


Inglot Lipstick shades 193, 191, 243, 250, 137  Swatches:-  ( LtoR)


must have inglot lipstick


Inglot Lipstick shades 197, 195, 128, 140 and 232   Swatches:- ( LtoR)


must have inglot lipstick


Inglot Lipstick shades 186, 131, 236, 132 and 134  Swatches:-


Inglot lipstick lovely



Inglot Lipstick shades 168, 166, 164, 241 and 129   Swatches:-(LtoR)


all inglot lipstick swatches



Inglot Lipstick shades 118, 220, 222, 162 and 218 swatches:-


Inglot lipstick price in india



Inglot Lipstick shades 119, 174, 216, 225 and 111 swatches:-


Inglot lipstick price



Inglot Lipstick shades 235, 190, 199, 205 and 184 swatches:-


inglot lipstick shades (2)



Inglot Lipstick shades 259, 117, 110, 210 and 113 swatches:-


inglot lipstick shades online



Inglot Lipstick shades 115, 170, 224, 173 and 227:-


Inglot lipstick shades



Inglot Lipstick shades 209, 167, 121, 226, 145 swatches:-


Inglot lipstick swatches



More Inglot lipstick shades coming up soon 🙂


Have you tried Inglot lipsticks ? Which shades are your favourite?


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  1. Wow Ana thank u sooo much for this post :)), I always buy inglot stuff online and struggle with swatches and shades, bookmarking it right away , these posts will be super helpful :))

    • Nausheen – Thanks ..they indeed are 🙂

      Ayushi – Start making your wish list girl

      @Vini – seirously! they r drool worthy

      @Madhubani – u must few atleast

      @Kiransingh – thanks kiran..they indeed are:)

      @Appu – yup ! got lot of patience for my work atleast 🙂

  2. OMG OMG OMGgggg….. drooling over them, so many lippy swatches in pretty shades…
    Time for some INGLOT stuff this time 🙂 🙂 my attraction towards lipstick will surely make my husband crazy very soon 😛 😛

  3. Its like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ 😉 Really appreciate the work u put in getting the swatches and the post.. Awesome Anamika 🙂

  4. I tend to go for the matte lipsticks because I love them so much! It’s a shame they don’t have that much diversity in matte colours.

    These swatches are great! Thank you so much


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