6 Beauty Tips For College Girls


6 Beauty Tips For College Girls

College time is the best time of life. We get more freedom and definitely learn a lot of new things. This is also the time when girls need to pay a little more attention to their skin. Unlike school, you do not have to stay in closed rooms all day. You can go out and have fun. While this time gives us some of our best memories, it can wreck a havoc on skin if girls are careless. An essential tip is to drink lots of water throughout the day.

beauty tips for college girls

Good skin care should be started early and here are some essential Beauty Tips For Female College Girls

Block The Sun


sunblock with spf 30

I learnt it the hard way and again, too late. However busy and studious you are, take 2 minutes and wear SPF. It is obvious that college girls have to stay under the sun for long periods of time. Such prolonged exposures not only darken the skin but also damage it. Such skin gets lines and wrinkles quickly. Sun-rays also make skin more prone to skin cancer. Wear a good sunscreen before leaving your house and reapply it every 2-3 hours for maintaining youthful skin for years to come.

De-Puff The Eyes


revlon under eye cream review

Puffy eyes and dark circles are not related to age. Late night parties and yes studies take a toll on delicate eyes. It is best to start using under eye creams once you cross twenty. Eye creams keep eyes bright and also ward-off signs of aging. When you start early, you get better and long-lasting results.

Moisturise The Lips


Maybelline Baby Lips Color Lip Balm Review

Wear a lip balm at all times. If you love lipsticks and glosses then apply some lip balm before you put on the colour. If you prefer to keep your lips au naturel, then a lip balm becomes even more important. Pick lip balms with SPF. These prevent damage from sun and keep your pout soft and plump.

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Blot That Oil


NYX Matte Blotting Paper Review+blotting paper in India

Whatever your skin type, there is bound to be some oil on your face in the course of the day. And if you have oily skin, then blotting sheets are totally indispensable. This will remove any grime and blotting papers do not sabotage your makeup if you just press them gently on your face. This is an easy way to keep your face looking fresh. If you do not wear much makeup then you can use wet-wipes to freshen up your face and reapply your sunscreen.

Go Small

Carrying a lot of beauty products to college can be daunting. You already have to carry books and other study-essentials. Mini variants of various beauty products are meant for you. Stock on tiny sunscreen, hand-cream, lip gloss and mascara. You can also carry a tiny nail-clipper if you have long nails as a chip can occur at any time.

Wash And Tone


nivea toner

However tired you are, always wash your face before sleeping. This step will cleanse the skin and make you fresh for the next day as well. A toner is also mandatory as it freshens up skin instantly and clears up any remaining dirt as well. Lastly dab on a light moisturiser and eye-cream.

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