6 Best Beauty Secrets of Bengali Women


6 Best Beauty Secrets of Bengali Women

The human race has been obsessed with beauty, and this seems like forever, ever since Adam had a bite on the apple. Each country and each state has it’s own definition of what attributes are used to define beauty.


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Bengali women are blessed with flawing complexion, beautiful eyes and lustrous tresses. I being a Bengali follow these steps regularly and today I am happy to share these tips with you all.

Skin care

We believe in all things natural. Using Besan as a cleanser is very common in Bengali households. It gives a squeaky clean feel and makes skin super soft. Making homemade face packs are every bong mom’s favorite pastime. I remember how I used to run away from Maa while she prepared something like that for me. I used to die crying and did so much to avoid all those pampering. Little did I know then. But now I know, the almost flawless skin that I have today is due to my Mother’s regular pampering. Some favorite ingredients for face packs are curd, turmeric, rose water, malai, besan honey, multani mitti and sandalwood.


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Kajol (Kajal)

Bengali women are known for beautiful eyes and Kohl plays an important part in our beauty regime. Accentuating those beautiful eyes with homemade kajal is an old custom of every household in Bengal. Traditionally kajal were made at home with ghee and soot. But with time and so many beauty brands around, kajal/kohl that are pigmented and smudge-proof have become our favorites. They say that homemade kajals soothe tired eyes and keep eye infection at bay.

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Hair care

The gorgeous tresses are result of hot oil treatment, proper cleaning and conditioning. The normal champi with Parachute coconut oil done by maa and dadi plays one of the most vital roles for the shinny, silky hair that most of Bengali beauties naturally have. Homemade packs also help a lot. Shikakai, amla, reetha are few of our favorites.


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Lip care

Indian women have got perfect lips and pout. They love to apply lipstick, especially during special occasions. We use ages old favourite boroline to moisturize lips at night. Nothing can beat it.

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Homemade food

Most of the Bengali women still rely on regular homemade rice, dal, veggies and fish curry made by our dear moms. A proper Bengali meal is very balanced with right proportions of carbohydrate, protein and other minerals. What goes inside, shows outside. And we don’t forget to drink plenty of water.


Most of the Bong beauties practice yoga for better skin and hair. Yoga helps combat stress and stress, as we know, is detrimental to our skin in just about every way which causes several skin and hair problems. Yoga increases circulation and blood flow in the body, which detoxifies our skin and helps hair growth.

Hope these tips help you.

Do you have anything to share about beauty secrets of Bengali women?

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  1. Nice post but I don’t use boroline 😁😁 and I do my champi with olive and almond oil along with egg and honey. 😁😁💜

  2. Great Post. Thanks and love for sharing these beauty secrets with us. I will definitely try these. If you want to know about Ayurvedic Beauty Tips to use daily life then you can check this link, this is also very informative.


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