6 Best Hairstyles For Curly Hair


6 Best Hairstyles For Curly Hair


Curls are difficult to manage but easy to style. I’m not talking about any intricate looks but about the simple everyday looks that can be achieved in a jiffy. While writing this post, I was thinking of Princa πŸ˜€

Curly hair needs good care so that you don’t end up looking like a zombie πŸ˜› Loads of deep conditioning and massages are needed to maintain curls in good shape. These hairstyles are meant for curly hair but obviously straight hair can be turned curly to achieve any of these looks.

So my dear Curlies! Sit back and take a look at these hairstyles that you can flaunt anywhere you want to-

A Head Full of Curls


best hairstyles for curly hair

Go bold and sport your curls in their full glory. Whether you have short or long hair, you can opt for this look if your hair is well maintained. Curly hair is frizzy in general so lots of good care and some styling products are needed to rock this look confidently and nicely.

Braid and Curls


hairstyles for curly hair

This is one super sweet look. It will prevent your curly wisps from disturbing you while giving you a trendy look at the same time. Pin all your hair at one side for a polished look or just leave it like that. You can even make a pony or braid.

Decorated Curls


hairstyle for curly hair


Pull your back and tease the top. Let your hair loose and add a stunning hairband. You can also add a beautiful clip instead of the band. Let some tendrils caress your face. It is easy to tease curly hair and you can get this hairstyle quickly.

Curls and Bangs


curly hairstyle

If you love bangs, then this style is perfect for you. Straighten you bangs and leave the rest of your hair open. This hairdo gives a cute look. Always choose the length of the bangs as per your face shape so that you never look less than charming.

Messy Bun


bun for curly hair

Girls with curly hair don’t need time to create the perfect messy bun. Curly hair is naturally messy…ummm…suitable for messy hairdos. Just pull all your back, twist it and tie a bun. The best hairstyle for a cool look. No frizz and no distraction.

Go Boho


curly hairstyles

Wanna be In the current boho-chic trend? Get this hairstyle. Make a tiny braid on one side and wrap it on your head from behind and pin. This look is great for holidays and also for college. You can also make a waterfall braid like this.


curly hair braid

Would you try these?

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  1. Wow Maitri!!! You mentioned my name:-* so sweet
    I will try these for sure!! But my hair does not grow however hard I try:(
    Tried everything but in vain

  2. I am really fond of curly hair, but have naturally straight hair so mostly depend on a curling iron for those cute curls πŸ™‚

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