6 Best Makeup Tips to Hide Double Chin



6 Best Makeup Tips to Hide Double Chin

Double chins are such a game spoiler. They do not look good in photographs and they also affect your overall personality appeal.
What so ever be the reason of a double chin, either weight gain or bloating, but one thing is for sure that they need to be got ridden away. The only way to eliminate a double chin is to reduce some weight.

But losing weight is not an overnight miracle it takes its own time and for the time being you got to be friends with some makeup tips.


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Makeup is always savior, some of the clever makeup tips that I shall be mentioning today will help you to hide a double chin.

Divert Attention

The basic idea here is to distract attention from double chin and divert it to your other beautiful features like cheeks or eyes.

Play up with your eyes and try some bold or colorful eye look, alternatively you can flush a pop of color on your cheeks to grab the attention. Glitter, shimmers and colors are all your saviors here.

Enhance Your Jawline

Enhancing your jaw line is a great trick when trying to hide a double chin. An enhanced jaw line creates an illusion of a slim – toned chin. So next time when you do makeup do not miss out enhancing the jaw line.

Bold Lips

Do not opt for nude lips when you want to hide a double chin, instead make a bold statement with your lips. Fuller glossy lips and some bold red on lips make them stand out and nobody then notices your double chin.




Show Your Neckline

Showing off your neckline draws away all the attention from double chin. Pull back your hair or sweep them away from neck to show your neckline and collar bone. Also avoid high necks or collared outfits that hide your neck line. You can also highlight your collar bones for an even more ensured attention.


Contour is the miracle makeup trick as you all must know. Proper contouring gives you a well sculpted looking face. And not just it, proper contouring can also create an illusion of ‘No – Double Chin’. While you try your hand at Contouring trick, remember blending is the key, blend it really well.




You want to fake it but still do not want others to know that it is a fake impression that you have created with contouring.

Bronze It Up

Using a bit of bronzer along the neckline works great. Choose a gold toned bronzer if you have medium to dusky skin and a rose toned bronzer for fair skins. Always go for matter bronzers and pick up just the right amount of the product & remember to blend.


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These were some really handy makeup tips to conceal a double chin and not let it spoil your pictures.

These makeup tips are only a secondary way to fake a slim chin but for the long run you really need to loose some weight, have a healthy lifestyle if bloating is the cause behind double chin and also watch your posture.

Do you have more tricks to share on how to hide double chin?

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