6 Best Ways To Deal With Water Retention


 Most of us would have woken up in the morn only to wonder wether we have put on weight overnight ? How many of us have gone to bed feeling fine only to feel ‘ fat ‘ in the morning? This, dear ladies is called water retention or bloating and its a battle most women fight every month.But this condition can be controlled.Read on to know how

young woman having her breakfast with water and celery

Wikipedia defines water retention as:The term water retention (also known as fluid retention) signifies an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the circulatory system or within the tissues or cavities of the body.

1)    Drink adequate water/ fluids: Sounds contrary? I felt the same when my dietician told me that too. My reasoning was when my body is holding so much water , do i really need to drink so much water and add to the problem? The truth is when you drink less water , the body thinks water is scarce and holds on to whatever fluid that it can find.. ( like a camel,and that is not a pretty picture right).So drink up ! But stay away from alcohol ,tea and coffee when you are trying to increase your fluid intake.More on that later.Buttermilk is a very good option but do not add salt or sugar to it. Add jeera powder and coriander and see the difference in taste!

2)    Coconut water: This drink is natures miracle soft drink!Rich in potassium it combats water retention like nothing else can.Its tasty , healthy and makes you wanna go to the bathroom like crazy but when u see the difference the next day ,you know its worth it! Just dont eat the malai if you are trying to lose weight.And is makes your skin glow.. So you cannot really ask for more right?

3)    Eat water based fruits: Fruits like sweet lime , orange and watermelon are water based so they work really well in controlling water retention .However, DO NOT add salt or chaat masala to your fruit as you defeat the very purpose of having these fruits!

4)    Control salt and processed fruits; Processed food is the enmesis of healthy eating. The high quantities of sodium to preserve these foods will not only increase the water retention problem but also give you blood pressure. Also , its very very important to cut down intake of salt.One great way of doing so is avoid sprinkling salt on salads and fruits. Use roasted jeera powder instead

5)    Exercise, Exercise,exercise:Enough has been said on the benefits if regular exercise! Not only will it make you lose weight but also make your skin glow and give you a feeling of wellbeing.

6)    Evening primrose oil capsules:Evening primrose oil capsules are very beneficial in treating PMS symptoms.Take a capsule a day for one month and the PMS symptoms will be greatly reduced

Dealing with water retention or bloating is not rocket science.A few tweaks in your lifestyle and you will get great relief from this very irritating symptom of PMS.

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  1. actually i wanted to share a great workout dvd i came across
    20 mins n ur done.. but those 20 mins kill u… jillian michaels 30 day shred

  2. hey nice review..shweta! i donoo y? my intake of water consumption has reduced a heck lot.. i need to start drinkin more n more water n eat fruits often severely! 😀

  3. Great post Shweta….I faced this problem during pregnancy and was advised to have loads of water as well..I keep a bottle handy with me all the time when am out n at home on my side table…thnk god no problems wit tat nw

  4. Another way to reduce bloating and water retention is having half a teaspoon of methi seeds powder everyday or you can either soak them in water overnight,then strain and drink that water in the morning


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