6 Best ways to Treat Dark Circles at Home


6 Best ways to Treat Dark Circles at Home


Dark circles are the ultimate woes for a beautiful fresh face and tends to make a person look tired. These dark circles under the eyes are a result of insufficient sleep, stress, aging process and insufficient blood flow to the under eye area.

These dark circles mess with the natural flawlessness of the face and give a sunken look to the under eye area. These days’ dark circles are very common in people who are still in their 20’s because of the stress due to studies, or long working hours in front of the computer screen and lack of sleep in them. Dark circles also occur as a result of hereditary characters quite often.


dark circles


There are  various under eye serums which are available in the stores but if you want to get rid of these dark circles in a natural way and without spending a whole fortune of money, here are some tips to treat them at your convenience at home itself. Read on to know more about the treatments which can be easily done at home to lighten those dark circles.

Adequate sleep

Firstly, it is essential to have an average sleep of 7-8 hours to get rid of the dark circles as lack of proper sleep and rest are the main reasons of appearance of dark circles.


adequate sleep for dark circles


Drinking enough water

For getting rid of dark circles under the eye, keeping the skin hydrated enough is also very important. So drink sufficient amount of water to get rid of those circles.


sufficient water under eye treatment


Relaxation & Meditation

The dark circles under the eyes are as a result of fatigue and stress in this fast and dynamic life. So relaxing techniques for the mind and body will effectively reduce the dark circles of the under eye. Practicing Yoga and Meditation will surely help in getting those circles diminished. Deep breathing exercise will also help in the proper blood circulation so that the circles fade away with time.


yoga & meditation dark circle treatment


Eating Healthy

In some people lack of proper diet and deficiency of vitamins & minerals also result in the appearance of dark circles under the eye which can be cured by taking proper diet which includes fresh fruits & vegetables.

Common home remedies

There are a few common remedies which are followed to get rid of eye circles. They are commonly observed and have been effective on the dark circles.

  • The use of cucumber slices on the eyes is the most common method which prevails and is followed by most of the people. Alternatively, cucumber juice can also be applied on the under eye area and washed off after keeping it for 15 minutes.


dark under eyes cucumber slices


  • Potato juice is also found to be equally effective in treating the dark circles.
  • A paste of tomato juice is also known to lighten the dark circles as tomato is known for its skin lightening properties and acts as a bleaching agent for the skin.


tomato juice dark circle remedy


  • The application of almond oil is also another method to get rid of the circles.
  • Although lemon is also known for its skin lightening properties but because it contains citric acid, I will not recommend its use on a sensitive area of the skin such as the under eye. Though it cannot be applied on the skin but regular intake of juices rich in vitamin C will surely make a difference in the under eye area.
  • Putting cold green tea bags are also known to cure dark circles as green tea is a known cure for pigmentation.


green tea bags for dark circles


  • The application of rose water with help of cotton balls is also known to remove the fatigue from the under eyes and preventing the appearance of dark circles.


rosewater for dark circles


Extrinsic application Methods

There are several creams which claim to cure dark circles but any cosmetic cream may contain harmful chemicals which may adversely affect the under eye area. So, it is better to opt for an Ayurvedic or herbal formulation which has vitamin E to apply before sleeping to help in preventing dark circles.


extrinsic under eye creams


This will keep the skin hydrated throughout the night leaving the skin moisturized and the richness of vitamin E will eventually work in lightening the dark circles.

What is your method of treating dark circles?

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