6 Bollywood Plastic Surgery Disasters



6 Bollywood Plastic Surgery Disasters


Plastic surgeries are meant to make one’s features look better. But there is no guarantee that every change will be good. The ones who need this (as they think) and can afford it easily are our Bollywood celebrities. Actors don’t seem to be very keen on cosmetic surgeries but the actresses keep getting their faces altered quite often.

Some like Kareena, Rani, Bipasha, Priyanka, Shilpa and Katrina were lucky whose cosmetic surgeries went well. But some divas got a raw deal when they tried to ‘beautify’ themselves-

Koena Mitra

plastic surgeries diasater bollywood

That her nose job went terribly wrong is a fact that most of us know. I think she looked pretty with her real nose and can’t understand her need to look perfect. A lot of fun was poked on her but she was game enough to take it all in her stride. Her nose became so disfigured after rhinoplasty that it became tough to recognise her.

Thankfully her subsequent surgeries turned out better and her nose became normal.

Anushka Sharma

bollwood plastic surgery

The innocent face of Anushka Sharma went out of our sights when she got her lips enhanced. She definitely went under the knife to get her thin lips plumped but the results were not that great. It seemed that she was pouting all the time. Things look better now probably due to another procedure.

Kangana Ranaut


kangana plastic surgery

She also seems to be a case of thin-plump-back to thin lips. Her pucker became too big to go unnoticed. Though she said that it was just makeup but we are too clever for that excuse 😀 I’m surprised how a sweet face can turn cringe-worthy with badly done cosmetic surgery. But thankfully her nose, cheeks and jawline jobs went well.

Rakhi Sawant


plastic surgery disaster bollywood

She seriously looks made of plastic now. Rakhi appears totally different from her ‘Main Hoon Na’ time. Nose, lips, cheeks all gone high, low or wherever. She became thinner with surgery but got breast implants too.

Minissha Lamba


bollwood plastic surgery disaster

Minissha looked super cute before she decided to shun her cuteness. She got her nose thinned and probably also went for breast enhancement. She got her nose chiselled but it looked fake on her face. And probably this is the reason that even the supposedly sultry looks couldn’t save her career.

Juhi Chawla


juhi chawla surgery disater

Even though she still looks pretty, a closer look will reveal the botched up nose. She had a big, fat nose and that was OK till she tried to get it thin. Now her nose shape is even more weird.

What do you have to say about these celebrities plastic surgery disasters?

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