6 Brands of Vitamin E Capsules You can Buy


6 Brands of Vitamin E Capsules You can Buy

A lot has been said about Vitamin E capsules on Wise She. We have given you the benefits of vitamin E for beauty (Read Benefits of Vitamin E Capsules for Skin & Hair) It helps in fighting signs of ageing as it is an antioxidant and gives you soft skin. It also reduces stretch marks and soothes burns. Vitamin E keeps elbows, knees, lips and cuticles soft. ( Read 8 Ways To Get Rid Of Dry Cuticles )It also makes hair strong. The deficiency of vitamin E is very rare. But for getting its benefits in a better way, you should use these capsules directly on hair and skin. Some great ways to use vitamin E capsules are given here.


How to take out the gel from vitamin E capsules:-

It is very simple. Clean your hands and take a sterilized needle. Poke the capsule with it and squeeze the capsule to collect the gel in a small container. Use it as you like. If you are using the gel directly, you can add a drop of olive oil to it so as to make the application easy.

vitamin e capsules

Now comes the most important part! Which capsules should you buy? Well, any vitamin E capsule would do. They are transparent and come in different colors. The gel is filled inside.

We have some brand suggestions to make finding vitamin E capsules easy-

  • Evion (200/400/600 mg)- Merck Limited

It is probably the most commonly available vitamin E capsule brand. If you ask your chemist for vitamin E capsules, most likely you will get these. They work very well.


vitamin e evion


  • Bio-E (400 iu)- Dr Reddy Laboratories Ltd.
  • E-Cap (200/400 mg)- Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Benvite (400 mg)- Ben Pharmaceuticals
  • EEE (200/400 mg)- Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Covita (100/200/400 mg)- USV-Corvette (A Div. of USV Ltd.)


vitamin e capsules for skin

Most of these will not cost you more than INR 20 for a strip of 10 capsules.

As in the case, of all medicines, always check the expiry date of the capsules before buying. I believe that a potency of 400 mg is good enough.

Vitamin E capsules are cheap and very effective. So just get them and get better skin.

Do you know how Vitamin E oil or gel help in your skin? Find out in the video below-

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  1. I used Glenmark’s previously..currently not using any..But your post reminds me again how lazy I have become these days :-p ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Btw nice post Maitri ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Such useful posts u write Maitri ๐Ÿ™‚ I have only used d Evion capsules in India and Royal Jelly capsules here..

  3. i heard about vitamin e facial capsule… i want vitamin E capsule Evion 400 mg…. but i saw 2 coulors green and blue wrappers…. can someone plz tell me which capsule can i use weekly……. ???? green or blue?

  4. Vitamins E help us various way it prevent to melts bloods plate which is cause of attack, so everyone must consume vitamins E…


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