6 Diwali decoration ideas

 By Manisha,                     Diwali Diwali 🙂
Most of us are attached to Diwali .This festival of sweets, fire crackers, lights and decoration gives beautiful grace to our homes.Its not only our home but on this day even the streets and markets are decorated with many lights.After cleaning your house it is the decoration of our house which is utmost important to us.Diwali decoration brings a different environment for out home. As I am fond of decoration I thought of sharing few of my simple and inexpensive diwali decoration ideas and a Diwali picture which might motivate you to get into action before it is too late 🙂
Below are Diwali decor ideas which can lighten up your mood.
Diya decoration ideas  – Deepawali diyas are earthen lamps made of clay.It is filled with ghee or oil and a wick is made of cotton in the front after dipping them into the Diya.
Flour Diya Flour diyas can be made by those who are living abroad and have difficulty in buying them. To make the diya prepare dough with your regular flour(atta) and water.Make balls of the flour and give them a diya shape of your choice.Put them under sunlight for sometimes and colour them with poster or acrylic colors.Let them dry again and your decorative diyas are ready.
Decorating diyas with flowers You can decorate diyas with flowers as well. I like decorating diyas with rose petals  With rose petals Diyas  not only add festive look to the lamp but give that auspicious touch also.
  Image source :- plantinleaf.blogspot.com
Decorative items to decorate diya You can use small glass pieces and stick them on the edges of the diya.You can use kundans, moti and small cut mirrors which are easily available in any handicraft shop.When you light the diya which is decorated with mirror it appears as if there are many diyas around.This is a very simple but an interesting  diya decorating tip.
2. Floating candles  – Floating candles gives nice aroma and a cool look to your home . You can place them on your dinning table , indoor garden or use as a focal point in your living room.You can make candles at home also .If you want I can let you know.It is hard work but the after result is fantastic.
Image source :- www. weddingaccessoriesboutique.com
3. Flower decoration– There is nothing better than flowers to refresh your body and mind.A bunch of united flowers in the bouquet gives the impression of being new and fresh.You can use floating candles together with flowers in your living room.
4.Deepawli Rangoli designs You can use rice flour, pulses, rose and leaves to make rangoli. Considered an important part of this spiritual process it is made to welcome the goddess of wealth and prosperity.
5.Furniture decor  and interior  – Even if you are not interested in buying new furniture  just place your furniture differently. This will give complete new look to your home. Surf on net for Diwali pictures and you will get lot of ideas to decorating  your home.
 6.Diwali lights To give a different touch to your house you can add some different lightening arrangement by designing or modifying your own lights.

Few last minute simple Diwali decor ideas are:-


1.Keep a welcome board on the main door.
2.Place a nice flower vases next to the living room sofa.
3.Putting up a wind chime in the living room.
Do you have any Diwali decorations ideas to share with us?
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  1. Hi Sutha, You can make floating candels buy putting up wax (any old melted wax) in a diya or any shape which is 1 or 2 inches thick.Put a wig and take it our from the diya when it settles down.Voilla!!! you will have floating candeles

  2. the above pictures of floating candles are of gel.U will have to buy gel wax from the market and pour it ina glass.and make candles as usual.it looks beautiful:)

  3. these r good tips ………………
    but at this as we all r busy in white washing of our house and cleaning….etc

    so dont u think anamika u should give a post for overall cleaning and grooming of our body ..at the time we r cleaning our houses we all get dust and dust.on body and face ……………………so plz give such type of post so that i can look more fresh and more beautiful on diwali………….:)

    the tips should be home made recepies dear


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