6 Dupes Of Nars Orgasm


When you are blogging and reading for years slowly you become a mini encyclopedia yourself .Recently I met a brand PR and she asked me how I know about all their chains and products.I smiled as I realised that she doesn’t know what blogging as a passion can lead too :D.An enthusiastic  blogger can tell you easily whether a particular lipstick will go well on your skin tone  or how good are the chances of a particular lipstick to have a good dupe .

So when I bought Sleek Rose Gold , just after one swatch I remember Nars orgsam (Check out  NARS haul here)which I recently got.I then checked out  my stash and  swatched both of them .As it is pretty hard to hold on to a NARS blush  because of the price and availability I thought of sharing few of the dupes of the most sort after blush.


Sleek Rose Gold :-

Sleek Rose gold is a beautiful coral pink shade with golden shimmer in it.Blush is loaded with shimmer and if you have open pores problem then it’ going to accentuate it a bit more.Blush is complete in itself and one won’t need any highlighter with it.It’s pigmented than NARS orgsam and will suit most skin tone.

Sleek blush rose gold review and swatches+sleek blush rose gold reviews+sleek blush


Nars Orgasm is such a cult favourite of makeup enthusiast that almost all the brands have tried to dupe it.What makes it different is the finest quality of shimmer which it has because of which it doesn’t look chalky.It’s a peachy pink which is more towards the pink side and is soft  and smooth.I have some eight Nars blushes and all of them are amazing with their pigmentation but this one is little on the sheer side giving that natural hint of colour to my cheeks which is long staying.

Nars Orgasm review and swatches+nars orgasm blush review, swatches and dupe

Swatches of Nars Orgsam (Left) and Rose Gold (Right)

You can see Rose gold is more pigmented where as NARS orgsam is little sheer and more pinker.

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Guess which one is NARS? 😀 ..OK! let me help you out .On the left is Rose gold and right is NARS 🙂 As I said only difference is that it’s more pink.

Nars orgasm dupe Vs sleek blush rose gold

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ELF Candid Coral Blush:-

Now when we have ELF in India which too is knows to bring out lots of dupe,  candid coral blush which was recently reviewed by Zee too is claimed to be NARS Orgasm dupe which is less pink.

elf-studio-blush-in-candid-coral-review+-candid-coral-blush-swatch+nars dupe

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Benefit Coralista:-

is also a close enough dupe but is more peach.(Extreme left in the below picture)

benefit coralisa NARS DUPE

Few other popular dupes of NARS Orgsam are :-

4.MAC Springsheen blush

5.MAC Style blush

6.Milan Blush Luminious

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Do you know any other NARS Orgsam Blush Dupes?

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  1. wow…so many dupes! These shades look so tempting but i have to stay away from shimmery shades since am afraid they’ll accentuate my blemishes :-(( But i love shimmery blushes n they look soooo amazing if u have flawless skin :blush:

    • only thing which i hate abt shimmery blushes is that they make open pores looks bigger..but its not the case with NARS orgsam .when ever one is buying a shimmery blush swatching it time and again to know how fine is the shimmmer is very imp.

        • Matte me, thebalm Bahamas mama is gud…for daily use thi, I’d recco mac matte bronze powder…it’s my fav daily wear bronzers 🙂

          • Thanks Zee :-*. But the balm is so hard to find na. Cud u also suggest some drugstore brands? :lashes: I was actually eyeing the TBS one…waiting to swatch it at the store

            • Tbs is quite nice..d honey one…but do chk d shades…when I tried it out the shades were either to dak or weren’t visible…but yes, it’s a really gud option 🙂

              • yea..was talking bout the honey bronzer with the cute honeycomb pattern :-)). Love that it is totally matte :yes: I think bourjois has one too. have u tried that?

                  • aww really?? I love how it looks like a bar of chocolate n was gonna get it just for the adorable packaging 😀 In fact, its at the top of my list. Thanks ana…am thinking twice now :-/

                    • The bourjois highlighter? Ive seen video reviews n it’s quite pale n shimmery. But it looks a bit like white chocolate!!! :drool: Of the two, the bronzer is better i guess…or so i’ve heard

  2. I know that its a wrong post to ask this question…can anybody tell me where we get oriflame products in bangalore? Thanks in advance…


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