6 Eye Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes


6 Eye Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes


Honey Singh rightly sang- blue eyes hypnotize πŸ˜€

Blue eyes look really pretty and unique. Blue eyes are not very common in our country but still there are many girls who are blessed with sparkling blue peepers. Again if you don’t have naturally blue eyes, you can get them with a suitable colour of contact lenses.



makeup tips for blue eyes

Either way it is not an easy task to find out the right makeup for blue eyes here. Blue eyes are cold. I mean blue is a cool shade and so blue eyes are obviously cool toned.

Right Undertone

For finding the right makeup for blue eyes it is suggested to check the warm shades. A contrast of colours looks striking and will definitely make you eyes pop. Colours with warm undertones go so well with cool blue eyes.

The Colour Options


eyeshadows for blue eyes
There are many options in terms of shades that go well with blue eyes or even grey eyes. Warm shades like copper, orange, brown and gold look amazing. You can also experiment with purples or even blues. But when it comes to blues choose lighter shades as the brighter ones will take away the shine from your eyes.

Shimmer and Metal


Faces stackable glitter+Glitter Makeup
Another important tip for blue eyes is to use shimmery eyeshadows. By shimmery I mean really shimmery and glittery. Sparkle will make your eyes stand out.
If you don’t want too much of sparkle all the time then add some glam by applying metallic eyeshadow on your eyelids. Any suitable shade in metallic tone will do the trick.

Mascara Trick


brown mascara for blue eyes

After you are done with all the colourful things, its time to get your mascara on. Here too you can ditch your black mascara for a better look. Do not stop using mascara altogether, rather wear a brown mascara. Yes it will add more definition to the serene colour of your eyes.



eyeliner for blue eyes

Rather than choosing the traditional black eyeliner, choose a blue one. Blue as in navy blue. The shade should be dark a rich but not bright. The blue liner will accentuate the blue colour of your eyes.



makeup for blue eyes

Do not skip curling your eyelashes if you want fluttering, feminine lashes. All the shade selection, blending, applying mascara will look much better when you curl your lashes.

So girls! these are some tips that can come handy when you beautify your blue eyes. But again there should be many more ideas.

Share your tips girls.

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