6 Face Primer Reviews


What Is Face Primer:-

Few years back very knew about face primer and now it has gained lot of popularity.Face primer helps in even out the skin tone and reduces the large pore size.It fills up fine lines and doesn’t let the foundation look cakey.


Below are 6 face primer which have been recently reviewed on Wise She.

Kryolan Perfect Matt Primer Review

About Kryolan Perfect Matt:

Perfect Matt is the ideal matting agent for a face before it is made up. It is especially suited for the natural look in professional photography.The vitamin complex contained in Perfect Matt means at the same time that it effectively cares for the skin.

Ingredients:See pic

  • Price:Rs. 1200 for 40 ml.
  • Packaging: It comes in a sleek steel gray tube with a screw cap. The packaging is very practical and there are no unnecessary decorations. Ingredient list and relevant dates are given on the box but not on the actual tube, so I have had to save the box also.
  • Color, Texture and Fragrance: It’s an airy, non-sticky and colorless gel and is fragrance free. One tiny amount easily spreads across the entire face so one tube will actually last a pretty long time. It absorbs very easily within a few seconds.

Since Kryolan is a professional makeup brand, the products are all meant to work for professional photography and last for ages. This primer is no different. Once put on, it blurs lines and wrinkles and smoothens any unevenness of skin texture instantly. This effect is actually very visible the second I put it on. As for its matt effect, it is legendary. No shine on my face for the entire workday, people!

It definitely helps with making my makeup last longer and reducing the frequency of touch ups. On the days I use this to office, I don’t have to worry about touch ups post lunch and my makeup is still going strong after a workday of 10-12 hours. I really think it scores high on almost all aspects, except the absence of SPF in it.

kryolan primer reviews

Tips And Toes Professionals Smoothening Face Primer Review:-

  • Price: 670 INR.Tips
  • Quantity: 25ml.
  • Life Shelf: 3years.
  • Direction: Wash your face. Pat dry and apply a tiny amount all across the face. Let it settle for a minute and then apply the foundation or compact.

My Experience with Tips & Toes Professionals Smoothening Face Primer:

When I was young I like to purchase nail polishes and Kajals from Tips & Toes due to their affordable prices. I see this company growing as they are focusing on few more products which are really interesting!

I was confused about using face primers because it’s always meant for oily skin. Oily Skin tends to get oily and hence makeup starts greasing and fading after awhile. But I am convinced when one of my dear blogger explained me how primer help making any makeup looks fresh even after whole day. No matter -Oily Skin or Dry Skin. I generally prefer using primers when I want my makeup stay for long time. i.e. in occasions or festivals.

primer for face reviews

Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer Review

  • PRICE & QUANTITY: Rs 1200/- for 27ml. The cost is now increased to 1250/-AVAILABILITY:Available at Revlon counters in malls, Health & glow outlets & online.

My experience with the Revlon Photo ready color correcting primer :-

  • Packaging: The Primer comes in a transparent glass pump bottle, with a transparent cap covering the pump dispenser.
  • Texture: The lavender tinted primer is smooth & light in texture. The consistency is like that of whipped cream. It is soft & glides swiftly.
On the house warming ceremony day for the make up all I did was apply the Primer & nothing else not  even a moisturizer or compact. But surprisingly I received a lot of compliments. My skin appeared radiant & smooth as though it was photo shopped. It made my face look fresh in spite of having a hectic time. My skin looked glossy & the pores were so refined like they never existed. I thought it would have done wonders with the foundation on.


MUA Professional Primer Review

About MUA Professional Primer:-

Have you ever applied your Foundation only for it to slide off your face a few hours later? (FYI, MUA Foundation totally doesn’t do that!) Anyway, that’ll happen no more with our amazing face Primer from MUA! Just pop it on moisturised skin before your foundation and you’ll notice a difference instantly. What it does is that it creates the perfect base for you to pop your makeup on top of. It does this by slightly mattifying the skin, smoothing out the texture and helping reduce pore size. When you pop your foundation on top it will cling to the primer and last all day, and not only that but you’ll find it easier to apply.

Price: 4£ for 27ml

A face primer is one of the best ways to insure your makeup stays on longer. It pampers the skin and creates a protective barrier. I got this MUA primer for the same purpose and I am very pleased to make the right choice by getting it.

MUA face primer comes in a glossy black easy squeeze tube with a tightly screwed cap. The primer itself initially looks like a white liquid but once spread, it becomes colorless and gets absorbed within a fraction of seconds. The result is quite soft, moisturized and smooth skin on which the foundation spreads quite easily.

primer available in india

NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer in Lavender Review & Swatches

  • Price: 12$ for 30 ml (Rs 2450 in India Frown).You can get it from Amazon in $8 if living abroad.

The primer comes in a lavender tube which is small in size but it will last for a huge time, trust me on that. It has a nozzle on top which dispenses small amount of product every time which is sufficient for application. You just need a pea-sized amount and it spreads easily on face. The primer is lavender in color (everything lavender, wooo) and it’s not at all heavy or greasy. Applying it is super easy and after application my face looks silky smooth. My foundation blends easily and foundation amount required is also less which is great as I don’t like applying foundations but my not-so-clear skin forces me. I have oily skin but it doesn’t make it more oily or greasy even after 5-6 hours which is excellent. I have visible pores too and it reduces pore size to some extent but I wish it gave me a pore-less skin, is there any primer which gives such illusion???

I have also used it as an eye primer and it worked really well without irritating my skin. It containssilicone but every primer contains it so I don’t have any issues with that as I have never faced any break out because of it. It increases the staying power of my makeup by 3-4 hours and thus it’s perfect for those who spend a lot of time outside and hate doing touch-ups. It also claims to give glow to dull skin and I agree with it as my makeup stays intact all day long and my face glows in the evening too as it did in the morning Wink. Overall, I think it’s a really good face primer and I definitely recommend it to everyone. BTW, NYX doesn’t test on animals and that is why I love this brand even more as I’m animal lover.

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Colorbar Perfect Match Face Primer Review

This satiny touch oil-free primer masks fine lines and uneven texture, making skin marvelously soft and smooth.

  • Price: INR 825 for 30 gms Frown.Colorbar products can be bought from here

I have dry skin, so make up usually lasts longer on my face, but I was reading so much about using a primer, so I thought let me give it a try. This Colorbar primer is a thick gel like liquid which oozes out from the twist open bottle with ease. I love the packing, it is classy and the transparent bottle, helps you know how much product is left.

The primer has to be applied before you start doing your make up. This particular primer has silicones, which can be guessed due to its gel consistency. I applied it after cleansing and moisturizing my face, after which, I did my make up as usual. On application of a primer, the skin becomes satiny soft. My make up lasted longer, but I did not get any over the top results. Yes, it does help oily skin beauties, since the T zone will not get oily for a long time, but for me. It does not happen so often except when I step out in extreme summers.

face primer available in India

Have you tried Face Primer? Which one is your favourite?


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  1. I have tried oriflame one..thats pretty nice too..primer and foundation are married to each other ya..incomplete without each other..:P


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