6 Faces Glam On Eyeshadow :Photos & Swatches


Faces Cosmetics has introduced six mono eyeshadows in their glam on collection.You can check out the swatches of six previously introduced  mono eyeshadows here 

  • Price – INR 249 for 2gm


Faces glam on eyeshadow swatches+Faces eyeshadow reviews


Faces  eyeshadow Sun Glow – It’s a golden bronze shade which is nicely pigmented.


Faces glam on eyeshadow sunglow


Faces Eyeshadow Mushy Mauve – It’s a very light lavender blue shade


Faces glam on eyeshadow mushy mauve swatches


Faces Eyeshadow Ruby Quartz –   It’s a copper shade with gold undertones reminds me of NYX trio copper shade



Faces glam on eyeshadow ruby quartz swatches


Faces eyeshadow Oceanic –  True to its name its an aquamarine greyish  blue shade.



Faces glam on eyeshadow oceanic swatches


Faces eyeshadow Pink Sequin– Shade is somewhat similar to MAC expensive pink.


Faces glam on eyeshadow pink sequin swatches


Faces eyeshadow Pure gold – It’s an highly pigmented pure gold shade.


Faces glam on eyeshadow pure gold swatches


Swatches -Pure gold and Pink Sequin


Faces pure gold eyeshadow & pink sequin swatches


Sunglow, Mushy Mauve, Ruby Quartz, Oceanic


faces glam on eyeshadows



Faces glam on eyeshadow swatces


Check out the swatches of Glam on cream blushes andGlam on powder blushes here

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  1. Anamika/Zara – sorry for going a bit tangent here but I saw a post from Deepika about Avon. Is there any way I can reach out to her to provide my email address to her?. my quite enthu to try out some AVON products

  2. Im loving the pink sequin shade, love the texture of faces eye shadows! 🙂 so many new launches by them na, pity they haven’t brought a neutral, non-shimmer cream blush 🙁

  3. pink sequins is so gorgeous yaar!! and i guess thats especially coz it played on my luv for the exp. pink wala shade 🙂 🙂 fab hai ye!


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