6 Forest Essentials Products Reviews- Volume 2


6 Forest Essentials Products Reviews- Volume 2


We love organic products. They are light on skin but heavy on pocket :-P. But still we love them. We have Sahiba on Wiseshe who is the FE poster-girl. Thanks to her, more and more girls are busy increasing FE’s revenue. Here are 6 nice products from Forest Essentials-

Forest Essential Light Hydrating Facial Gel Pure Aloe Vera

Price- INR 1175


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The packaging is very typical of all Forest Essentials Products. Luxurious to look at and in feel. The texture is exactly like a gel and spreads easily. It’s colourless and absorbs very quickly. The moisturization is light at its best so this works as a good day time moisturising gel. It can also be used as makeup base. This gel is a light moisturiser which will work on irritated skin. The gel has no detectable fragrance and all oily skinned acne prone girls will love it in the summer.

Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub

Price- INR 475


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The sugar particles are fine and not coarse at all. It has a sweet almost honey like fragrance. It is very effective. Its not rough and yet does its job well. Apart from just exfoliating lips it does a brilliant job of keeping lips moisturized as well and is the perfect prep for matte or creamy lipsticks. All you need is a quick rub before starting your makeup and by the end your lips will be all ready for the lipstick. Packaging is light and handy.

Forest Essentials Sanjeevani Beauty Elixir

Price- INR 2425


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It claims to restore the lost charm of your skin and rewind the negative changes in your skin that have happened over the years. It makes skin supple, dewy and firm. It makes skin glow and reduces pigmentation. It also reduces fine lines. It is a light lotion which is neither too runny nor thick like a cream. It would be good for all kinds of skin. There is a light aromatic fragrance associated with this. A very little amount is needed for the entire face. It is the best anti-ageing product.

Forest Essentials Tejasvi Night Emulsion

Price- INR 1975


Best of forest essentials

It is a light emulsion. It makes skin free of blemishes and make it glow with regular usage. It makes skin soft and smooth. Skin becomes radiant and looks younger. It melts on the skin when massaged and does not make fingers or facial skin sticky or uncomfortable in any way. The results are not temporary.

Forest Essentials Panchpushp Facial Toner

Price- INR 1125


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It gives subtle glow to skin. It gives cooling sensation to face. It also reduces pore size. It does not irritate the skin and keep it hydrated to an extent. It has a fresh floral fragrance which is more of sandalwood and less of some other flower. This fragrance adds to the luxurious feel good factor.

Forest Essentials Indian Rose and Marigold Light Day Lotion

Price- INR 1595


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Forest Essentials Indian Rose and Marigold Light Day Lotion is neither a runny lotion nor a thick cream – it is somewhere between and spreads in no time. It does not change the skin tone at all. A single pump is enough to hydrate the skin. It provides sun protection equivalent to SPF 25. It has the typical Indian rose fragrance.

Have you tried any of the Forest Essentials products?

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    • even i feel the same way himani, i want to go India asap and buy all these, nut no choice 🙁 beauty products cant even get in parcels 🙁 need to find some one visiting India, hopefully i lay my hands on forest essential products asap 🙂 nice compilation maitri 🙂 ur so tempting me to but these :p

  1. Lovely compilation! Maitri, forest essentials now ships worldwide. U may wanna check that out… I just visited jndia picked up a whole lot of forest essential goodies… so I’m trying them next when I run out.

  2. Hey Maits.. Lovely compilation dear.. Yeah I love FE stuff buddy.. And I still say, everyone MUST try the brand 🙂 🙂


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