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I have used some 6-7 brands of gel eyeliners so I thought of comparing them for you today. I got this idea when Shweta did a post of comparing different eyeliners. You can read her post here where she has compared the current favorite Kryolan Iconic eyeliner with all the other eyeliners she have tried.

Why Use Gel eyeliners:-

One can be extremely flexible with gel eyeliners.You can use it heavily or coat a little.You need a good quality brush with it but the way it blends is just perfect for any one’s eyes to pop.

In India there are very few brands which offer gel eyeliners such as Maybelline, MAC and L’oreal. I haven’t tried the L’oreal one but it has been reviewed here on Wise She.

best gel eyeliner brands

Moving ahead, below are different brands of gel eyeliners and my experience with each one of them.

MAC Gel eyeliners – MAC gel eyeliners are Priced INR 1000 for 3gm. I don’t know if they have increased the price now. It’s been long since I got any eyeliner from MAC. I always move towards the lipstick section nowadays :). MAC gel eyeliners are really creamy and few of the gel eyeliners have been with me since two years but they haven’t dried up till date. I also make sure that they are kept upside down.Moreover pigmentation wise they are really good.They go on smoothly and build well. There are wide variety of shades available in MAC and you won’t get this kind of pigmentation in other brands .One brand which I can think of and competes gel eyeliner is most probably Clinique.

Inglot Gel Eyeliner – Inglot gel eyeliner are priced INR 680 for 5.5gm.Like MAC they have large number of shades .These are thick, extremely smooth and glide across the skin .Pigmentation of these eyeliners are fab too .Just one dip into the brush and you can easily finish up lining your upper eye lid in jut few seconds.So where does it lack? I was all ga ga over Inglot gel eyeliners but thing is they dry up just too fast. I guess that is the reason Inglot have a very famous Duraline which works amazingly well no matter how hard the eyeliner gets.

Wet And Wild Eyeliner – They are not as creamy as other eyeliners and their texture is less creamy .They are great for drawing thin lines and at $3 they are not a bad deal at all.Thing with the eyeliner is that with time eyeliner brush gets stiff and starts tugging when one tries to thicken the line. Because of the thin texture they smudge a bit too. Biggest advantage of this eyeliner is that once one lined their eyes with it  , it dries out with in seconds unlike Maybelline or MAC.

best gel eyeliner brands

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner  – These are very high in pigmentation and eyeliner is completely smudge proof. Eyeliner stays put whole day long .It’s waterproof as well so you can even wear it on the beach or on the pool side. I have the egg plant shade with me and MAC Diversion and both are considered to be the dupe. MAC wins over maybelline in creaminess and the pigmentation when it comes to coloured eyeliner.If I have to dig in a disadvantage then I will probably say that Maybelline gel eyeliner takes some 40-50 seconds in drying out.I am sorry I forgot to include Maybelline gel eyeliner picture in my comparison.It just skip out of my mind .You can read my full review here.

Coastal Scent Gel Eyeliner – Costs $10, CS gel eyeliner competes well with other gel eyeliner brands.This eyeliner is creamy in consistency and have a nice detachable brush unlike wet and wild one.Gel eyeliner stays out for 6-7 hours and doesn’t smudge but with time after 6-7 months it starts drying up.Eyeliner is waterproof and I prefer carrying it when travelling because I don’t have to carry a separate brush with it.Biggest con is the  heavy price which it comes for because of the shipping charges imposed by Coastal Scents.

best gel eyeliner brands

Coming over to the last gel eyeliner which I think is quite underrated.

Black Radiance Gel eyeliner – Costs around $5 is not available in India.It’s high on pigmentation and is smudge proof but texture is not as creamy as Maybelline , MAC or Inglot. This gel eyeliner is more or less like Wet and wild eyeliner but the eyeliner brush is just horrible. It pulls and tugs and is damn stiff.Keeping aside the brush, gel eyeliner doesn’t dry out fast and will not smudge no matter how oily your lids are.

I still have few more eyeliners to try out.One which I seriously want to try out is Bobbi brown and Sephora. How about you ? Which is your favorite gel eyeliner and which eyeliner do you think is highly overrated?

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  1. MAC is my fav followed by loreal.Inglot hardened up too fast and duraline stung my eyes.. so ingot is out!i wanna try coatsal scents as well

  2. I liked mac gel liners but i feel not all mac gel liners are good, my favorite one is loreal gel liner, its the best in the market, highly pigmented, does not smudge , can be used on waterline and does not dry up! bharat n dorris cream liners are veryyy good shadewise but they dry up soon, so as inglot! maybelline is highly pigmented and smooth but with time texture changes!

  3. I have only one gel liner, that is from L’oreal. It got dried within 2 months and I had to buy Inglot duraline to make it work. So now I avoid buying gel liners.

  4. I have only one gel liner n its Maybelline swirl, I just love it.
    I want to try MAC ones, and will surely buy atleast one very soon 😉

  5. Maybelline was my first and only one so far. It stings my waterline so never dared to experiment with gel liners 😯

      • No Ana, but very few eye liners/kajals actually suit. Mine must be sensitive eyes.
        After reading this post I feel I should at least try it on the lids.. I avoid black on lids coz my eyes are light brown, and looks like a stark contrast.

        • oH! I thought its with green eyes only.I will keep that brown black contrast thing in mind when advising some one ;

  6. After my MAC gel liner drying up– again– I went looking –on line–for reviews about which liners dry up less quickly.
    Many folks commented that the Clinique gel liner dries out much less quickly.
    Pixiewoo specifically highly recommends the Clinique brand gel liner for that reason.
    The container–they think–has a tighter fitting lid and stays useable longer for that reason.
    Its’ the same cost as MAC—15USD.
    I am not going to repurchase MAC but this next time try the Blackhoney Clinique liner and see if it’s true it’s stays useable ’til the end of the product. Hope this helps.

  7. I luv d maybelline one but just for th evariety in shades I’d go for mac…more specifically for shades like dark diversion which is amazing…I wish maybelline launched more shades here like that 🙂

  8. I have not tried gel eyeliners so for but I think I’d like to start with Maybelline.
    Btw, I have e-mailed you about guest posts on your blog. 🙂

  9. Hiya ladies, i recently bought the loreal for my waterline. Surprisingly it smudges to my eye corners and its difficult to get a sharp line acros the waterline, plus it disappears fast. Would appreciate tips from all of you.

  10. I have ELF in two shades… they cost just 3$ and are great value for money.. But I find using the angled brush a bit difficult.


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