6 Good Chemicals In Hair Products


Good Chemicals in Hair Products

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Today I am going to discuss about some beneficial chemicals which we use in our hair products. As we all know that hair products are made from many chemicals, which are not possible for us to avoid, but there are some good chemical which play vital role in order to take of good care our hair. If these chemicals are used in moderation then these are beneficial for us. You can check out those chemicals below:


chemicals in hair products


Panthenol Chemical In Hair Products:-

Panthenol plays very important role in order to repair dry, damaged and dull hair. It repairs chemically treated hair. Every good hair brand is using this product in their hair products. you will get this in shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, hair serum. This is derivative of vitamin B5 and this is also known as provitamin. Panthenol is not only preserves moisture but also a useful moisturizer. Panthenol also works as emollient, which means, it make hair and skin soft. This is highly water soluble vitamin and easily absorbed by hair. It spreads evenly on hair and creates smooth film on the cuticle surface.  The smooth film also provides excellent slip between adjacent strands of hair and detangling properties. Panthenol is capable of penetrating the cuticle and entering the hair shaft as well, where it aids in moisture retention and provides volume.

Ketoconazole Chemical In Hair Products:-

This drug is extremely beneficial to cure dandruff ,itching, flaking and antifungal infections for scalp. It has ability to cure serious infections and controls the growth of bacteria. This also controls hair problem and promotes hair growth. It helps to keep scalp free from any infections. You can use a shampoo which has 1% 0r 2% of ketoconazole.


Tocopheryl acetate Chemical In Hair Products:-


This is commonly known as Vitamin E and “Vitamin of youth”. This has amazing moisturizing properties. It moisturizes not only your hair shaft but scalp as well. This is a boon for those who are suffering from dry scalp, split ends, damaged and dry hair. This is an excellent moisturizer.

Ascorbic acid Chemical In Hair Products

This is commonly known as Vitamin C, which is famous for its antioxidant properties. It protects your hair from many hair disorders which can be resulted in dry and damaged hair, reduced hair growth. It promotes the growth of collagen which is essential protein to repair and create new tissues. Antioxidants in vitamin C benefit the hair by protecting the cells from sun damage and chemicals such as chlorine. Such environmental hazards cause the cell walls to harden or fracture, which causes hair to lose its softness. It provides elasticity to hair shaft which results and soft and shiny hair.

Salicylic acid Chemical In Hair Products

We have used this product in many skin care products but this product is equally beneficial in hair care products as well. Salicylic acid also prevents pores from clogging by slowing the shedding of cells inside hair follicles and also helps to treat hair dandruff. Salicylic acid is such an effective drying and disinfecting agent, it kills the yeast and stops the production of dandruff. it exfoliates scalp and  protects from scalp acne and whiteheads for oily scalp.


hair products chemical


Linolenic acid In Hair Products:-

Full name of this acid is “Pyridoxal Hydrochloride Gamma Linolenic Acid, this is mainly found in scalp care treatments. This is found mostly in vegetable oils. This is very help in treating the hair thinning. Pyridoxal Hydrochloride Gamma Linolenic Acid combined with Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, Almond oil, hair keratin and many other hair loss shampoo ingredients can effectively rejuvenate scalp and hair to make hair growth possible.

If above stated chemicals used in correct quantity in a hair product, then only these will be beneficial otherwise these will affect you adversely, especially for people who have sensitive hair and scalp.

Did you known about these good chemicals in hair product?

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